Cherie's so Cherry

Sunday, September 08, 2013
Back in February / March ( I don't remember which), I ordered fenders for my Electra Cruiser.  I wanted to be able to ride in all weather and didn't want my ass covered in mucky water should it be rainy out.  At the same time, I also ordered two sets of official Electra Cherie stickers.  Well, the fenders arrived over the summer but there's been no word about the stickers.  All seemed lost until the fabulous Terri and her super duper hubby Sean took a trip back down to California.  

I had put in a request for some Flamin' Hot Cheetos.  We can't get them up here in the Great White North and I love their heat.  Apparently so does one of my cats but that's another story...  When Terri finally arrived back in Canuckland, I eagerly awaited delivery of my crunch treats.  Shock!  Surprise!  Elation! Along with the Cheetos, Terri and Sean found one lonely set of Cherry/Cherie stickers in a bike shop in San Diego and they instantly snatched them up and brought them back for me.  Love love love all around.  

Surprisingly, I've let the stickers sit on my kitchen table for the past few days.  This morning however I have an overwhelming desire to go for a ride.  I think I may have gone twice all summer!  So, I pulled Cherie out of the closet, opened the pack of stickers and continued the bling-ing process I started earlier this summer (Terri's husband ordered her the Sugar Skulls bike - already tricked out - and she ordered me a beautiful gerbera to adorn my handlebars along with my cherry bell).

I know - I ended up with wrinkles on more than one of the stickers.

Ignore the layer of dust/dirt on the chain guard.
I was worried that one set of stickers wouldn't be enough (the reason I had originally ordered two).  To be honest, one set was perfect. The two sets of stickers on the plain bike would have been too much and would have been even more overly cherried than the official Cherie bike.  I love how they adorn the bike rather than overwhelming it.  Its perfect.  Now, all I need is my wicker basket and the cherry themed basket liner and I'll be all set.  That's a big HINT Santa...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your bike looks utterly adorable! I hope the cherry stickers allowed you to fly.

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