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Wednesday, September 25, 2013
After only running the 3:2s three times, I figured I would throw caution to the wind and do something stupid.  I'm such a pushover.  Pat the Runner told me on Monday that she was sure I'd be able to knock out the 3:1s with ease (she's way more confident in my running abilities than I am), so I went ahead and did it at least a week before I was planning to. What on earth was I thinking???  I'm not going to lie.  It was tough.  A little rough too.

With only one minute to recover between intervals, it felt like I wasn't getting any recovery time at all.  I definitely could have benefited from a few more sessions of the 3:2s but this whole process is about pushing my limits and doing things I never thought I could do, right?  OK then.  My form was so far from perfect there were moments I'm sure my limbs were flailing about; if I had been outside, someone would likely have called the police or an ambulance, figuring I was having some sort of fit or seizure.  After the first two sets, I was barely picking up my feet, more of a shuffle really but I stuck with it, trying to slow down my walking speed to help slow my heart rate a bit.  I don't want to have a heart attack when I'm by myself, covered in sweat, and wearing skintight spandex.  Even in death, I'd prefer to look at least semi presentable.  Its like how your mom always told you to wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident.  I never understood that - if I have an accident, I'll likely have an accident in my pants so clean underwear is pointless.  Whatever.

I'm really proud of myself for completing this workout even if it wasn't so pretty.  It'll get better and easier.  I just have to be patient and not move ahead quicker than I know deep down I'm ready for.  Lesson learned. However, I'm at the 3:1 level now and I'm not turning back.

In other running news, its official - I've signed up for my first real "running" race (we ended up not attending the Terry Fox Run; however, we did walk/run the shorter 5K distance on our own.  Its a long story).  You'll remember in a previous post I mentioned that I wasn't all that excited anymore about the thought of facing. Well, that still holds true but after yet another conversation with Pat the Runner, I decided to just go ahead and do it.

The event I chose is the Halloween Howl on October 27 in support of the Alberta Diabetes Foundation.  Don't worry, I'm not asking for money but feel free to donate to your local diabetes foundation if you wish to.  I chose this particular race for two reasons:

1.  Its short.  They offer 3, 5 and 10K distances.  I'll be running the 3K (~1.89 miles). With my current running/training plan, I average about 1.35-1.40 miles each time. The race is still a month away so I feel pretty confident that I'll be able to finish with a smile still on my face.  It'll be tough I'm sure as I'm still new to this whole thing but doable.
2.  The weather (fingers crossed) is perfect for me:  cool, overcast, with a touch of frost in the air.  You know me, I hate the heat but I also don't want to be running in the snow.  I'm betting all my chips that the snow will hold off long enough this year that I'll be safe.

Mom's said that she'll walk the 3K distance which is nice - I like knowing that there's someone there with me even if we're not side by side.

I updated Pat the Runner this morning about what happened last night with the run and she laughed.  Before I knew what was happening, she was trying to convince me that I should have skipped the 3:1s altogether and gone to 4:2s.  And of course, as I walked back to my desk, I found myself thinking about what would happen if I just changed things up again... NO!  Arrrgh. Damn you Pat the Runner! Must stick to my plan. Sheesh.  I told her later it was a good thing she wasn't my trainer; I'd likely be dead by now.  


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Pat the Runner sounds like quite a taskmaster. Good luck with the real official run!

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