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Saturday, September 21, 2013
The current training plan.
The 3:2s are going really REALLY well. I'm loving it!  It still seems weird to say things like "I love running". Who is this person I'm becoming?  While I keep checking the timer on my treadmill, its not because I'm necessarily exhausted or my legs are tired, its just to check how closely I have to monitor the time.  I zone out for thirty second periods where I'm lip-syncing along with the music on my iPod and then I'l suddenly remember I'm not running until I can't run anymore; I'm running a set time.  Its almost a shame during some intervals that I have to stop.  While I'm progressin
g really well, I'm going to try and keep myself at the 3:2 intervals for one more week.  I really want to dominate this particular level before moving on to crush the next.  Yes, I am a warrior.

Onto the details:
SUNDAY - Made the move to 3:2s. The body wasn't entirely willing but the desire to go for it won out. Loved it. Easier than I anticipated and felt amazing when I was done.
WEDNESDAY - not as good.  I was really looking forward to running today but everything seemed to conspire against me completing this run.  I stopped three times - adjust the shoes, turn on the fan, bathroom break... When all was said and done, I'm glad I stuck with it but it didn't feel like a great work out and I wasn't sweating nearly as much as normal.  Blah.
SATURDAY - another great run today!  Was pooped by the last interval but loved every sweaty second. Part of me is soooo ready to move onto 3:1s (eeeek!) but must....not....give....in... must...wait...until....body...ready...

Tomorrow is normally a run day for me.  I ALWAYS run on Sundays.  Not really sure if I should risk going for it two days in a row just yet or if I'll take Cherie out for a spin.  Guess we'll play it by ear.

I've been having a lot of flashbacks while running lately.  They used to be about the last running clinic I signed up for (only went the first day!) and the far from motivating comments from one of the instructors.  It served as a little bit of a "fuck you bitch" sort of inspiration knowing that I have stuck with this running thing on my own for so long now and am enjoying it.  However, those mental images have been replaced by images of a friend I used to have long ago.  Kim and I had known each other for about 20 years when we eventually stopped being friends but that's a whole other story.  I always admired Kim:  she was strong willed, opinionated, had tons of willpower, had fabulous hair and beautiful skin, and was the one who first encouraged me to get into running.  Now, even back in our school days, neither of us was "athletic" or fit. We've both spent most of our lives battling weight issues but Kim was determined to run.  I remember going to the gym at a local college and trying desperately to keep up with her on the treadmill and failing miserably. Here was a girl with bad asthma totally kicking my ass.  The flashbacks I'm seeing as I run these days are images I had of watching her run after I'd given up, barely able to breathe as I watched her dominate that treadmill.  

Except now, I'm keeping pace with her.


missadventuresinrunning said...

Glad your runs are going so well! Sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with the clinics. That is really disappointing. My mind wanders a lot when I run too, sometimes to very random things, but it is good to have some time to reflect.

Miss Adventures in Running

Karen said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for visiting. There was really just the one clinic that was negative (I tried two other times but didn't finish due to injuries). I think they're a great idea and work really well for a lot of people. Just not my thing - I need to advance at my own pace, when I'm ready. When I've run outside, I don't wear my earphones so my brain really starts to wander. Love it.

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