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Friday, September 13, 2013
The thrill and excitement I originally felt about running, blogging, blogging about running, etc. has certainly left me.  I've kept up with the running and occasionally tweet about running related stuff but I'm just not all that enthusiastic about the whole thing as I once was.  I don't want to give the wrong impression - I'm still really enjoying the running.  Pushing myself each time to go a little faster or switching my intervals up to a level I never thought I'd be comfortable at is thrilling.  I've become quite proud of my stick-to-it-iveness and still cannot believe that I look forward to running a few times each week.  No, its the whole blogworld of running that I've soured on.

As I talked about in my previous post, I'm not interested in the least at running a race right now. I got super wicked excited at first and then ... pffffft.  Some day, I'll conquer that elusive half marathon and I don't care if I run, walk, or run/walk.  I'll do it.  When?  Who knows. For now, I'm content.  I've said almost from the beginning, its about the joy in whatever I'm doing and constantly following other runners, reading their exploits, and unwittingly comparing myself to them is not all that joyful for me at the moment.

I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do going forward.  Will I continue to blog?  Maybe but I also miss my regular blog and writing about non-running things.  Will I continue to Tweet?  Perhaps.  Having two twitter accounts though is a bit annoying and difficult to manage sometimes.  I'm toying with the idea of combining both of my worlds into one to make things easier for myself.  All I know is that I like running.

OMG, what did I just say?  I LIKE running?  Um...yeah....I DO!  

Since I haven't blogged about my activities since the end of August, here goes:

Sept week 1
Sunday - Ran outside.  Cut my workout short by 1 minute but ran the last minute straight uphill.  AND my pace was one of the fastest times yet.
Wednesday - Ran on treadmill.  Making the switch to 3:2s (alternating R2/W2 and R3/W2).  Felt easier (go figure) than the 2/1s I ran outside on Sunday.
Friday - wanted to run but wasn't feeling it.  Walked instead.

Sept week 2
Sunday - Took my cruiser, Cherie, out for only her third ride of the season to show off her new stickers/decals.  Felt much easier than before (yay, crosstraining) and realized how much I missed riding.
Monday - Ran on treadmill, continuing with the switch to 3/2s.  LOVED it so much I sprinted for my last minute reaching a full mph faster than my normal speed!
Thursday - Ran on treadmill, still on the switch to 3/2s.  Pace was exactly the same as the last run where I sprinted which means I kept up a faster, steadier pace.  First 5-10 minutes were a bit tiring but I quickly settled into my groove and felt fantastic by the end.

FYI, as cheesy as it is, Survivor's Eye of the Tiger is a GRRRRRRREAT running song.  At least at my pace.


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