Dazed and Confused

Sunday, October 20, 2013
In an effort to help find something to help with my plantar fasciitis, I put a call out on Facebook to see what my runner friends would suggest. The overwhelming suggestion was something called SuperFeet, a shoe insert.  Unfortunately, I cannot afford new shoes or the $50 price tag these inserts sell for (approx.). However, I did find a set of inserts designed specifically for PF at the drug store (they even have PF in their title!) and figured I'd give them a try first.  It helped that they were on sale for $15 which I could afford. Today I took them for a test run on the treadmill and managed a whopping 15 minutes before stopping and kicking off my runners as quickly as humanly possible.

My left foot, the problem foot, felt pretty good.  I kept expecting the tightness to start creeping into the bottom of my foot and my calf but there was nothing.  Ok, maybe the slightest of twinges but seriously, this felt like the answer to all my problems.  However, I started getting a twinge in my lower back.  When I started running I used to get this but it went away so I figured no biggie.  I also started to feel more of the impact on my knees.  Sigh.  What else could go wrong?  I'll tell you what else.  The bottom of my RIGHT heel started to get a weird tingle/burning sensation that made me want to slice off my foot at the ankle.  I cut my run short and felt horrible.

Here I sit, hours later, and my whole back, from shoulders to buttocks, is sore.  I haven't done anything else that would cause the discomfort so I have to assume its from the inserts.  I can't believe that this is normal; that perhaps I'm so misaligned that this is what it will take to get my body back to where its supposed to be and it will eventually stop feeling like this.

As I contemplated this rather shitty run, I began thinking that maybe (once again), I'm not meant to be a runner.  Walking burns a similar amount of calories, its easier on the joints, and I never had to worry about PF being as bad as it has been these past few weeks.  I'm disappointed right now with the problems I've been having and the fact that they're causing me to doubt myself as I always end up doing.  I'm rather proud of how far I've come this time around.  Other than the PF problems, my lungs and heart are adapting very quickly each time I move up another level.  Four minutes seems as easy as three minutes.  I don't want to give up but my body seems to be rebelling.  

Sorry for the complaining. I'm just incredibly frustrated.


Eugene Knapik said...

I share your heel problems. I've had on again-off again PF for many years. Right now it is gone but I suspect that is temporary because in the past it has come back again and again. At one point I used inserts and they worked very well except that they changed my gait and that caused me a problem with my kneecap that was far worse than my heel problem. I went to 3 different doctors before finding one who diagnosed the knee problem correctly. It turned out a simple exercise took care of the knee issue. The heel problem of course came right back. I found that buying the best shoes I could afford helped. For me, the biggest relief by far came when I lost a good deal of weight. At the same time I did a lot of swimming. I don't know if that helped or not but it didn't hurt because as I said, I have no heel pain at all now. I hope you find some relief. I know it can be very very painful.

justmeandmo said...

Pf is the worst because it's a nagging issue. PT tape or the schlogerwhateveryoucallitsock will stretch it out for relief. Rest is important too. Crocks are ugly but cushy enough to provide relief . Cheers my friend and good luck.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I had PF issues for years following a broken ankle and I still have a pair of orthodics that I insert in some pairs of shoes. Mostly though, I buy the best shoes I can afford and it helps a great deal.

Hope you feel better soon.

Karen said...

Barb: Ouch! With my arthritis, I have to buy "good" shoes as well and have been living in Clarks as my work shoes for the past 6 - 7 years. Heaven.

Eugene: I developed runner's knee back before switching to the Clarks I mentioned above. Same thing, simple leg lifts to help correct them. I'd like to avoid orthotics if at all possible although given that my mother has worn them for years, I'm guessing its only a matter of time... And I could certainly stand to lost a few pounds which I'm sure will help!

JustMeandMo: Everytime I go to the RR, they try to convince me to buy that sock. I don't think I can handle it all night long!

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