Weekly Running Update October 3 - 11

Saturday, October 12, 2013
Here’s what I've been up to in terms of running this week.

Friday October 4: Still sticking with the 3:1s. Going back is not an option! A treadmill run, not bad; legs were a little tight still but rolling my feet the day before helped loosen things up. Stupid plantar fasciitis. 
Sunday October 6: I haven’t run outside since early September and it showed. I definitely run faster outside and, in addition to not being good with this level, the extra speed wore me out. On top of that, by the time I stopped running and was heading back home, my left foot was so tight and sore, I could barely put any weight on it. Began wondering, not for the first or last time, why I’m doing this. 
Thursday October 11: I had planned on running every other day until the race to ensure I was in a better position to run it. Between tight legs/feet and having no real desire or energy this week, that didn't happen. Then Thursday came along and I had a half decent run. Added an extra 1:1 at the end of my five 3:1s for some extra mileage. Really tight left foot after I finished but felt good overall. My original plan was to move up to the mix of 3:2s/4:2s this week but I've abandoned that for now. Given my foot/calf problems lately, I’m going to focus on really nailing this particular level and adding one or possibly even two sets of three minute runs to my overall time. My plan for now is to wait until after the race on the 27th before switching levels. And stretching both my feet and my calves as much as possible. This irritates me to no end! 

In other running news, Pat the Runner continues to be uber-supportive of all my runs and has lots of great advice to offer thanks to her many many years of running (have I mentioned she’s a Boston Marathon finisher?! I continue to be in awe). Unfortunately not everyone has been as positive and supportive as she has.  Let's just say that one of the people in my life who I purposely avoided telling I was running when I first started finally did exactly what I thought they would do.  They poo-poo'd a few of my concerns and made me feel bad about what I'm doing and where I'm currently at.  I know that I often come across as a complainer to a lot of folks but to me it’s not complaining; it’s observing. I get what it sounds like to other people and when I notice it, I try to reign it in. However the person in question focused on the fact that I once again sounded like I was complaining and essentially told me to just suck it up.

This is a big deal for me; its important and every day that I go out and run or hop on my treadmill is a victory and a step forward.  I will continue to blog about my running because I enjoy it and the response here on the blog it has all been very positive. However, I will be limiting my in person discussions to Pat the Runner and leave it at that. I’m proud of what I've accomplished so far and will continue to accomplish, and I won’t let anyone make me feel poorly about my success. Even if I do sound like I’m complaining the entire time.


justmeandmo said...

Dear Unsupportive People,

No, YOU suck it up. running is hard and Karen is Awesome! Come talk to me if you need this verified.

The Edmonton Tourist (Robyn)

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