Weekly Running Update Sept 26 - Oct 2

Wednesday, October 02, 2013
When last we left off with the running update, I had just made the not necessarily wise move up to 3:1s a few runs too early.  However, because I'm a stubborn ass when it comes to most things, I refused to go backwards so I continued on with the 3:1s.  Here's what happened.

Friday Sept 27 - still feeling some of the symptoms of a migraine, I threw caution to the wind and ran.  Not my smartest move.  I only managed four sets (out of five) and felt horrible.  Combined with the first attempt at this new level, I was sure this was the end of my running career.
For Sylvia
Monday Sept 30 - Figured I would give it one more try.  Nailed it.  Compared to the previous two runs, this was paradise on a treadmill.  It felt so much easier and, while not entirely perfect, improved my attitude towards running which had been on a downhill slope since the Friday attempt.
Wednesday Oct 2 - I was so excited to be running today.  Looking for a repeat of Monday's run, I hopped on the treadmill early this morning.  My calves however refused to cooperate and tightened up almost immediately.  I haven't foam rolled or worked on my plantar fasciitis in months. 

I'm looking forward more and more to the Halloween Howl coming up at the end of the month.  There's a plan in place to increase my running time in order to get closer to being able to run the 3K distance. Still nervous but will do it even if I have to walk the last half.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good job sticking to it! You are getting better and better at this!

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