Another Running Milestone

Sunday, November 03, 2013
Last week, I completed by my first race (I'll stop talking about it eventually) and this week, I truly broke the 4 minute level.  You may remember last year, I ran four minutes straight for the first time in my adult life.  It was a really big deal for me at the time and, in typical Karen fashion, I cried.  Today, feeling inspired by the 48,000 people running the NYC marathon (yes that number's correct), I was going to do something I was going to break through another running barrier for myself.  I ran four sets of 4/2s and I felt amazing.  Four minutes is longer than many of the songs on my current running playlist.  At first it felt a bit odd to keep running after a song would end.  By the third set though I was looking forward to it.  And, another plus to today's run:  I had very few PF problems.  I stretched my feet and calves right before getting on the treadmill and I think it helped a lot.  Definitely looking forward to getting new shoes in the new year but for now, I'm doing well as long as I stretch and roll.
I never thought I'd be that person but I really enjoy watching racing on television (and in person).  This is the second time I've watched the NYC marathon coverage on TV and its great.  I know what you're thinking: the only sport less stimulating to watch on television has to be golf.  No way!  Well maybe its just me but I find it very inspiring.  It encouraged me to push myself today.  And it showed me that while I may not have perfect form, I too could run a marathon.  Heck, today's women's winner, Priscah Jeptoo, has the running form of an epileptic chicken when shown from behind and I often wondered how efficient that can actually be!  Apparently pretty darned efficient as it turns out.  This gives me hope.  Back in university, I first tried to take up running.  While at the gym with a friend, she walked behind me while I was on the treadmill.  Hearing laughter, I stopped and turned around.  Apparently my legs kick out to the sides (just like Ms Jeptoo!) and I look like a duck, limbs flailing, when I run.  At the time it hurt my feelings.  Today, I proudly quack.


Robyn said...

Woot!! I also love watching the NYC Marathon. I have friends who run it every year. Soonish...I will :) Congrats on your 4 min milestone!! That is AWESOME!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good for you, finding something that you love. Keep running.

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