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Sunday, November 17, 2013
Usually when I put something out into the blogosphere, I usually end up failing miserably at it.  Immediately. So, when I wrote out my list of running goals in my previous post, I half expected to be writing shortly afterwards that I'd decided to give up on running altogether.  My very next run after writing that post? I ran for two sets of five minutes (and two sets of fours).  Oh yeah. January?  Fuggedaboutit.  And then I did it again three days after that.  And again today.  Although today, I didn't run two sets of five minutes; I ran one. 

And one set of six minutes.  Booyah bitches! When I wrote goal #3, I actually envisioned it as running three sets of 5/1s but I'm totally counting this as a win!

The plantar fasciitis hasn't been toooooo bad lately although I have had a few minor problems.  Last week, Runners World tweeted the following:

I was so excited and instantly watched the video.  It looked like it was exactly what I was looking for and could not wait to get home to try it out.  Unfortunately, I completely forgot or disregarded the fact that I have arthritis in both big toes.  Silly me.  I did not feel anything "open up" in my feet except what I assume are now new fractures in my feet spreading further and further apart.  Egads.  I was pretty much hobbled for three days and only got in the first two five-minute runs mentioned above (not three as I talked about doing in the goals post).  Having all of my weight (about 50lbs too much) pressing down on just my toes was not the smartest idea.  But I didn't learn after the first try.  Or even the second.  Nope, I tried this move three times before realizing I was doing more damage than good.  It will not be added to my stretching routine.  For those of you with PF issues without the "pleasure" of arthritic feet, I would recommend it.

In other running related news, I have some plans currently in the works involving some family members for later next year.  Nothing definite yet but it sounds promising.  Fingers crossed!  As plans become more concrete, I'll be sure to let you know.


Caroline Thomas said...

I have so much to learn, on how to prevent injuries from running! Thanks for this post!

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