Every Girl's Gotta Have a Goal

Saturday, November 09, 2013
Now that I've advanced further than I ever have previously with my running, I think its time to start setting some goals for myself. I've proven to myself that (a) I'm committed and (b) I actually, shockingly, enjoy running.  Even the bad runs now don't deter me but rather spur me forward, helping me learn from my mistakes and to listen to my body.  So, after giving it some thought, here's what I'm currently aiming towards...

  1. Run three times / week.  Ideally, I'd like to run four days a week but if I can happily run three times, I'll be pleased.
  2. Walk or use the stationary bike once / week.  Cross-training is important.  I'd also like to do light upper body weights once / week and get back into planking but let's be realistic.  One thing at a time.
  3. Run for 5 minutes straight by January 1.  I'm almost there.  I'm currently running 4 minutes with two minute walking breaks and on my last run, I only walked for one minute between the last two sets.
  4. Run for 10 minutes straight.  I don't have a timeline on this one yet but it should be around April or May.  This will be a HUGE moment for me.  Running will be serious business at this point.
  5. Complete a 5K race in February.  Almost immediately after finishing the Halloween Howl, I registered for a virtual 5K race taking place in February. Basically I can run it where ever I want as long as I complete it within the time frame indicated and let them know my time - boom!  I get a medal.  Since it will be the middle of February and I live in Edmonton... yeah, I'm treadmilling this one.
These are my immediate (3 month) goals.  Truth be told, I have longer term goals for the rest of the year and beyond but I'm not ready to share them with anyone yet.  Pat the Runner and I have discussed some of them (she's one of my sounding boards for all things running) but even she is unaware of some really big looooong term plans.

In related news, I am so excited!  I get to finally meet the amazing Robyn from Just Me and Mo and The Edmonton Tourist.  I'm sure we'll spend a great portion of our time discussing every aspect of running and racing, and a little bit of sports.  She's a hockey nut, and I'm a football fanatic.  This should be interesting!  


Nicole said...

Good luck! #2 is one of my goals too - but I dread the stationary bike so much!

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