Foot relief...Finally?!

Thursday, December 26, 2013
I finally headed off to see my Doctor last week.  I was slightly worried I’d be sent for a new round of X-Rays (previously done in 2002 and 2005) on my feet and could end up back at work in a walking cast … or worse!  Fortunately, there was no need (at this point) to fret so much.  Dr. H listened to my tale about the last few weeks and my visits to the Physio, asking a few clarifying questions now and again, and then had me take off my shoes and socks to compare both feet side by side.

Good news… it doesn’t look like its gout.  Thankfully my toe and joint weren’t discoloured (although slightly red from contact with my shoes); merely VERY swollen.  I’m extremely grateful he didn’t touch my feet at all this time around.  I may have kicked him and then cried from the pain if he had.  No X-Rays needed either. We decided on trying a round of anti-inflammatories first and will look at other options (including steroid injections) if this doesn’t work.  I’ve had some problems with anti-inflammatories in the past (they make me ill) so he’s also given me Prevacid to help with the tummy troubles.

I wasn’t going to bother taking anything until before bed that night but hobbling around the office when I got back to work was really starting to irritate me.  Plus, I’m sure my coworkers would prefer I keep my shoes on instead of wandering the halls in my stripey socks.  There’s likely some sort of health and safety violation there anyways…  So I caved.  Following lunch, I popped one of the anti-inflammatories and waited.  The verdict after one pill?  Not bad.  The pain was still there but dull compared to earlier and, for the most part, I could walk fairly normally (without shoes). By the next morning, the swelling had gone!  Thankfully Dr. H gave me a prescription for enough pills to last for three more bouts if this flares up again!  

Almost a week later now and I'm happy to report that the pain from the swelling and in the join itself is almost all gone.  I'm walking with very little difficulty and I barely limp.  A definite improvement. My feet also continue to be loose-ish in the mornings so the Physio has definitely been working as well.  As for the ridiculously tight calves?  For Christmas, my mother gave me a gift card to Evelyn Charles Spa.  I had originally asked for a pedicure but given the problems I've been having, I'm treating myself to a massage.

Hopefully everyone had a happy and safe holiday season!  All the best for you and your families in the new year.


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