Fuck My Feet

Thursday, December 19, 2013
I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last post.  To be honest, I haven’t felt much like blogging as most of what I’ve been writing about recently has been running and, well, there’s been none of that since my last attempt on December 6.

As I mentioned in my last post, it was a yahoo moment for me when my physiotherapist told me I didn’t have plantar fasciitis and that the “mechanical” problem with my feet should be fairly easy to reverse.  After a couple of sessions, my feet were feeling great.  Unfortunately, my calves remained extremely tight making running pretty much impossible even with stretching.  The Physio recommended taking some time off from running while continuing to stretch my legs and treat my feet.  I reluctantly complied, hoping things would loosen up soon.

Because life is cruel, unfair, and downright bitchy sometimes, I was then struck with another setback.  A week ago, the arthritis in my left starting acting up. Nothing too major but noticeable.  Within two days, I could barely walk (thank god for having a day off of work!) and I ended up cancelling my final physio appointment because the thought of him touching my feet and the agony it would cause, made me just a little bit sick to my stomach.  It’s been seven days and my foot is feeling slightly better although I’m still limping around.  The earliest I could get in to see my Family Doctor is Friday.  Sigh… here’s hoping its nothing more serious than just a flare up and I haven’t fractured something.  Somehow.

I have no doubts that this will clear up eventually and the tight calves will work themselves out (ten-ish years of treating my feet poorly will take a little time to repair).  However, it’s had me down in the dumps. You see, I have plans.  Fairly big plans, at least for me.  Next October, Mommikins, Auntie B, and I were planning on taking part in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront (half)Marathon.  Yes, the dream that will not die.  We’ve already reserved hotel rooms, scoped out airfares, and set up training plans.  We were all going to register at the end of the month but part of me is scared – what if the problems with my feet continue and I can’t do it when the time comes?  There are other family members involved as well – my cousin runs the full marathon and will likely do so again this year; his father will be heading to Toronto along with my Aunt; and we have most of my Mother’s family living within decent driving distance of Toronto that we’d be able to see some of them. 

I don’t want a repeat of 2007 and I’m scared somewhere along the way, my Doctor is going to say “no more running”.  I’ve come to love running since starting again this time around.  Right place, right time.  I do it because I enjoy it and it’s made all the difference in the world.  The thought of someone telling me no is devastating.   Here’s hoping that its nothing rest won’t fix. 

Come the New Year, I will be registering for the half (RUNNING!) and let the chips fall where they may.

On an unrelated note, Season 2 of Ripper Street just finished airing in the UK and it was better than the first season (OMG Joseph Mawle as a baddie? Love). Sadly, this might be the end of the series and I’m bummed about it.  Fingers crossed that they can bring it back in some form.


Crystal Rhyno said...

On my gosh... I love your headline - Fuck my Feet. Made me laugh out loud! I've had that feeling a few times :)

Keep the faith! You're going to do awesome in Toronto! Sending you positive vibes!

Karen said...

Thanks Crystal! I had a good chat with my GP today and things look positive. I'm much more optimistic now.

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