Here's Hoping for a Happy (and Healthy) 2014

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
I can't complain about 2013.  It wasn't my best year ever but it certainly hasn't been my worst. On the first of of January 2013, I listed a few goals that I wanted to accomplish.  While I didn't quite reach my original goal of 25 books (part way through the year, I upped it to 30), I'm still pretty proud of the 22 books I finished. FYI, I'm hoping to finish off the year with book 23!  I certainly met goal number 2, moving more:  I took up running again this year and, with a new positive outlook about it, I discovered that I loved running.  Sadly, as you all know, I've had a couple of different problems with my feet/calves that are still lingering but I'm keeping an upbeat outlook regarding my foot health.  Unfortunately, I fell short on number three - being more social.  I think I need to find a club to join or pick up a new hobby in order to get myself out there and not stay a homebody for another year.  I did, however, meet a fabulous new friend who I swear is the older sister my parents forgot to tell me about - Robyn.  As amazing, funny and supportive as I found her on the interwebbies and via email, I was not prepared for how well we got along when we met in real life.

And so, with 2013 about to come to a close in a few short hours, I've put together a new list of goals for the new year.

1.  Read More
Yes, as always, reading tops the list!  I'm going to start off the year with a goal of 25 books for 2014. However, I reserve the right to change that at any time throughout the year.  As 2013 closed, I realized how much I missed books.  Actual books.  Real paper.  I love Hrothgar, King of the E-Readers, but the feel of a paperback in my hands felt amazing.  I'll be mixing it up in 2014.  PS If you have any suggestions for what I should read this year, let me know!

2.  Move More
This is starting to sound a lot like last year, isn't it? Hey, if it works...  The running WILL continue in the new year.  Progress is being made on the foot front - they physiotherapy I've been getting has released most of the tightness in the soles of my feet but its highlighted the tightness in the calves.  I have a deep tissue massage scheduled for the weekend and next week, I'm seeing an acupuncturist.  The almost month long flare up of my arthritis is slowly fading but it won't completely go away.  I managed to run a little bit on the track at the Kinsmen today (hallelujah!) but we'll have to see how my feet feel tomorrow to see if I should have waited.  Along with just getting myself running again, I have a few races coming up in the new year to keep me on track:  there's a virtual 5K in February, the Edmonton Police Foundation's 5K in April, possibly a 10K in August (part of the Edmonton Marathon weekend) and then a half marathon in Toronto in October. Feet - heal thyself (and fast!).

3.  Be More Social 
See 2013  Ditto.

4.  Take More Pictures
Compared to previous years, 2013 was not a very photographic year for me.  I'm not sure why but I just wasn't feeling the photo mojo this past year.  I did take a few nice ones; I'm especially proud of the shots from Jasper during my little vacation over the summer.  However, my lovely Canon Rebel spent most of the year either in its camera bag or sitting on the shelf.

I'm missing something, I know, but I can't remember any other items I was going to put on the list.  Ah well, essentially its more improvement on the same things I wanted to improve on last year.  Here's hoping that you and your family have a healthy and happy 2014.  Happy new year!


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