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Friday, February 21, 2014
Since writing my recent post, a lovely Google employee, Ying, contacted me in response to my multiple emails asking for help and provided some semi-useful instructions on the process of renewing my domain name.  Things quickly stalled however and the process became extremely complicated, especially for people like me who know little about the inner workings of all things web-based.  By this point, I was resigned to giving up my beloved domain name and switching back to a “” site.  I emailed Ying back and ranted about Google, their lack of communication and their failure to make the transition to Google Apps easy for existing customers.  I closed off by saying unless someone was going to do this whole thing for me, I wasn’t interested in trying to navigate the convoluted bizarre world path to renewing my little corner of the internet, and I would save myself the whopping $10/year it was costing me.
Why is this SO difficult?!
I was very happy when I received another follow up from Ying with an offer to call me and walk me through the process.  I declined but he also sent me another link to attempt to reset my Google Apps password (when I bought the domain name, it created an admin login and password which I never remember seeing and this is the main part of the problem).  Surprise!  It worked and I was able to get into Google Apps, set up my billing information and renew my domain name.

Everything seems to be complete now and I even received an email from Google Apps saying my domain would be automatically renewed.  Whew!  My apologies to everyone who may have changed their bookmarks from London’s Fog to the address I created.  I will be moving everything back this weekend and deleting the blogspot address by Monday.  Sigh.  Thanks for bearing with me.  If it hadn’t been for Ying’s wonderful service, I would be just another random blog on the great world wide web. I’m glad I’ve found my place and that I get to keep it!


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