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Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Screw you Google.

I mentioned on Facebook that I’ve run into a little problem with Google and my lovely blog, London’s Fog.  You see, I started with blogging with Blogger about 8 years ago (?) and my little slice of the interwebs has gone through a number of design changes, name changes, a few web address changes, and I also occasionally branched out into additional blogs with a specific focus.  One of the best moves, I thought, was the opportunity for my own unique, domain name.  And thus was born.  And now, three years later, thanks to the chaos and confusion that is the Great Google, it will die.

No, I’m not giving up blogging.  Let me explain….

Every year since I registered my new domain name through Blogger, via Google and helped out by, my domain name has been automatically renewed through Google Wallet and a measly $10 is deducted from my credit card.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. They send me a reminder email to let me know to expect the charge and life goes on as normal.  This year however, some genius at Google has screwed things up.  I received an email saying my blog was not set up for automatic renewal and that it is set to expire next month.  No problem. They include a convenient link to set this up.  I click.  I’m asked to log in.  I enter my info.  I’m told I’m not one of the admins for this account.


I try again. Nope.  I try my other non-gmail email account.  No again.  I repeat this process numerous times, including resetting my password because there’s the possibility that I changed it before and didn’t remember.  Nope.  After a few hours spent on the internets trying to sort out just WTF is going on, I realize I’m not the only one having this issue.  There are A LOT of bloggers experiencing this exact same thing.  The solution?  Oh apparently there doesn’t seem to be one, or at least one that doesn’t require a degree in computing science.  Some folks, myself included, have tried contacting Google and have either received no response or been told there’s nothing they can do.  One responder on a message board I read kept talking about a token that would have been in an email from Google, which may or may not have been treated as spam by your email program, and that you can go back to it, get said ‘token’ and blah blah blah.  Sorry but I empty my deleted items and my spam folder fairly regularly.  If I received this any more than a few hours ago, I’m not going to have it.  And I’m guessing that most folks probably didn’t keep this supposed email either.  In addition, there’s a lot of “go to Google Apps”, sign up, do this/that/the other thing, and bingo bango boom!  Problem solved.  Yeah….no.  Again.  First, although it claims to be for personal and business use, everything on their site SCREAMS for business. You can’t even try it out without entering your “business/company name”.  Fuck you.

After some thinking, more searching, more thinking, a lot of contemplating doing bad things to everything Google-related, I think the best option is to let go.  Let’s be honest, my blog isn’t one of the more popular ones on the world wide web.  I have some regular readers but it won’t be too much of a hardship for them to change their links (my apologies in advance). 

The plan, at this point (unless anyone has any other suggestions), is this…

I have created a new blog at blogspot, one that does NOT have a unique domain name.  I will be importing all the information and posts from this address/blog to the new one as soon as I can, and will begin blogging there effective immediately.  I’ll post the address once it’s ready.  Since I still own until early March, I will leave that address connected to my original blog ( which redirects here). Once my ownership expires, I’ll remove it.  The old blog address (canuckhockeygirl) will remain up for a little while but by the end of March I’ll delete it.  If someone hasn’t changed their links by that point, it’s not my fault.  Save myself $10 a year and the hassle.  Sounds a bit complicated perhaps but it’s not really.  For readers, you just need to update a link if you have one to me or click on the links I post on Facebook or my Twitter feed to be directed to a specific post.

I had contemplated keeping the Canuckhockeygirl address – It was the address I chose back in 2006 when I switched from my original address.  However, it doesn’t really encompass who I am anymore.  In fact, other than playoff or Olympic hockey, I could care less about the sport.  I want something that, ideally, is as close to the title of my blog as possible but I’m having a few issues.  So, stay tuned.  I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix the stupid Google screwup, let me know.


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