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Friday, February 21, 2014
Earlier this month, my buddy Eugene (aka Mr. Anchovy) put out a question to his blog readers:  blogroll or no blogroll?  The responses he received, including my own two cents, made it pretty clear that his readers liked the idea of adding a blogroll back to his site’s design.  His post got me thinking about the early days of my own journey into blog land…  When I started blogging, blogrolls were one of the more popular features on blog sidebars.  Looking to find other blogs with similar interests and content to the ones you were already reading/following?  Just click through the links in someone’s blogroll and see where it leads you.

Along with the recent troubles I've experienced with renewing my domain name (see below!), I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with my current feed reader, FeedReader.  It doesn't update regularly which results in missing a number of posts from various blogs.  When it does occasionally update, it’s two or three days after the post has been published.  I know that I should be more forgiving considering the service is free but what’s the point of offering a service if it doesn't work!

Once again, I blame Google.  No, I don’t have a vendetta against them but if they hadn't discontinued their Google Reader which worked surprisingly well, there wouldn't be a problem to begin with.  So, now I’m ditching feed readers altogether and will use a blogroll on my sidebar.

I’ll be forced to visit my blog more regularly to know when the blogs I follow have been updated.  Thanks to daily visits to my own site, this, in turn, will hopefully help me to keep the site current, post items on a more regular basis, and really make it a site worth visiting.  Stay tuned!  The blogroll will be updated over the weekend.

OK, enough bitching for a while… a short while…


S.M. Elliott said...

I like blogrolls quite a lot. I have links of interest on a separate page on my Swallowing the Camel blog, and it just isn't as convenient as a good ol'-fashioned blogroll (but someone convinced me it was less "messy looking").

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