When putting on socks is a workout...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Today seemed to be the day of the sock.  On my way into the office, the police were arresting a man at the bus stop and he wasn't wearing any.  No shoes either.  Before that, I decided to go for an early morning run (treadmill) and I tried out my new compression socks.  Holy crap - it was a workout just getting them on! And when it came to taking them off?  I fell over.
Matching colours is for sissies.
Research has yet to show that wearing compression socks improve my running performance or that they actually provide any actual benefit to runners other than psychological. And to be honest, I didn't notice a difference while wearing them on my run this morning (although one test does not an experiment make). However, the one thing I DID notice was that my legs felt pretty good after I finished running and left my socks on for about 20 minutes while I rested.  They didn't feel overly tired as they normally would have and that's good enough for me.  I'll give them a few more test runs to see how they feel.  If the benefit IS only in my head, I'm ok with that too.  I look smoking hot in neon green.

There has been one lone can of Strongbow in my fridge, left over from the trip to Jasper last summer.  How it lasted that long, I have no idea.  After a particularly shitty, busy week at the office last week, I finally cracked it open.  Sweet mother of all that is yummy, its delicious. 

Ice ice baby
I foresee needing to stock up on many more cans.
In other fruity news, I made banana bread.  That's it.  It was delicious.  Ooooooh.  I should eat a slice with a glass of Strongbow. Yeahhhhhh.  Excuse me... I have to go.


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Crystal Rhyno said...

Ha ha yes those compression socks are a killer to get on! Love the colour of your socks!

Ordinary J said...

So in the UK, people who are bare feet can be arrested by police, seriously?

Near I live, I see teenage girls wear barely there string bikinis and walking around to pizza shops, burger joints and coffee shops all the time, bare feet. Old men look and drool but no police arrest.

Ari Boo said...

well done on getting to a museum! i've been wanting to visit one for a while but have never had enough time!that banana bread looked amazing! xxi arielle aribooxo.blogspot.com

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