A Day at the Museum

Thursday, April 03, 2014
On Wednesday, Mommikins, Super Duper Sister in Law, the niece, the nephew and the nephew's buddy all piled into the family mini-van and headed off to the Royal Alberta Museum.  
Other than attending a couple of recent lectures, I haven't visited the museum for over a year.  Pretty sad, I know.  We wandered around the galleries for almost two hours, Niece constantly at my side.  I love that girl. I hope she never changes.
The featured exhibit at the moment is Chop Suey on the Prairies.  It was the big reason we wanted to go (it ends this month).  Both Mommikins and I were a bit underwhelmed by the exhibit but it was fascinating to learn that my beloved ginger beef was invented in Calgary.  Although I can't understand why Edmonton loves green onion cakes so much and yet southern Albertans apparently could care less.  Pfffft.  They don't know what they're missing.
In the Syncrude Aboriginal Gallery, some of my handiwork is on display. Ok, I can't take ALL the credit for this amazing work of jigsaw puzzle-ness but my hot little hands did play a small part in its reconstruction.  Back in my university days, I volunteered at the museum.  While I spent most of my time listening to the radio while sorting through bags of dirt in the basement, I spent a few afternoons working with a grad student doing on pottery reconstruction.  This bad boy is one of those pots.  I didn't do much work on it, mainly focusing on the top lip but I loved it.  All those years of working on jigsaws with my Dad really paid off.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

How cool that your handiwork is in a museum! I would be taking all my visitors there to see it!

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