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Friday, April 18, 2014
Who do I need to contact around here in order to put a stop to this "snow" thing?
Had another visit with my physiotherapist yesterday.  My left foot continues to bother me and the numbness from the knee to ankle has returned.  Its mild and intermittent but there so I wanted him to check it out.  According to him, a couple of vertebrae in my lower back are compressing the nerve that runs down into my leg and its causing the numbness.  Fortunately, its not too bad but still something to watch out for.  He did a treatment on my back which relieved the numbness instantly.  Fast forward an hour later. I'm standing at a desk at work, chatting with a coworker and my hips started getting sore.  This morning? My lower back muscles are sore however I'm perfectly happy to put up with that for a day or so if it means solving one of these ongoing problems.  The struggle continues.

The Nubster is still kicking it, figuratively speaking.  He lost a bunch of weight a few weeks after his vet visit and he's kept it off.  Poor little old man kitteh.  You can feel a lot of ribs and the bones near his back end/tail when you pet him.  However, he still has a decent amount of energy, he can jump up onto my super tall bed from the floor and is urinating regularly so I'm not toooo worried.  I'll admit, I'm not happy and DO worry that this is the beginning of the end for him but for now Mommikins and I will just enjoy each and every snuggle or headbutt he gives us and spoil him as much as we can in his remaining year.
One of his new odd bits of behaviour?  He likes to go out on the balcony, regardless of weather, and lick the concrete.  Yes.  He likes to lick concrete.  Its likely covered in dirt, dust, cigarette ashes and remnants of the doobies our neighbours smoke on occasion.  Perhaps he's getting high?  He also makes an odd grinding noise when he eats.  I think he may be ready to lose one of his teeth. Sigh.


Eugene Knapik said...

What a lovely old guy. Spoil him up.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh bless. Like Eugene said, spoil him while he can still fully enjoy it.

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