First ride of the season

Monday, April 21, 2014
I'd say summer or spring but when you wake up to frost and 0C (32F) temperature on April 21, you can't exactly claim winter's over.  A very crisp 1.7 miles in the river valley this morning.
I love cycling through the section of the river valley here in Edmonton that goes through Irene Parlby park.  Its not a big park but its lovely and quiet and hugs the North Saskatchewan River.  If you're luck, like me, there'll be a handsome Canada Goose posing for you as you take his picture while he awaits the return of his lady friend. Sadly, despite his preening for the camera, I didn't get a very good shot - I didn't want to get too close in case he had a nest near the trees.  If you look reeaaaaallllly close at the picture of Cherie above, you can just make him out in front of the tree behind which the sun is shining.

Big thanks to Terri for convincing me to follow in her bike treads and get out there.  If only she had done that a day earlier, I could have gone for a ride yesterday when it was a lovely +13! Oh well, still felt great to ride once more.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a pretty photo, with or without Canada geese.
I rode for 10 miles yesterday, but sadly mine was on the stationary bike in the basement. Definitely less picturesque.

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