Sunday, April 27, 2014
No, not another complaint post about the problems with my legs and feet!  Aren't you lucky?!  Instead, I'm here to sing the praises of my second bike ride of the season!  Despite waking to yet another wet, windy and "will it never end" kinda morning, I desperately wanted to get out and take Cherie for a ride.  I'm not confident enough in my biking abilities to ride around in the pouring rain, nor did I relish freezing again as I cycle in 0C temps so I had almost given up hope of enjoying some fresh air.  However, by 9AM it had "warmed" up to +2C and I figured it was now or never.  Out I went, once more donning toque and mittens.
Brrrrr.  And once more, my ears were frozen by the time I climbed back up the hill to my apartment twenty minutes later. Not only were they numb from the wind, my thighs were numb from the exertion and close to giving up altogether in protest. While I was out, I ran into the Goose I came across last week and this time his Missus had joined him.  I wish they would move back to the river valley side of this not very busy road - not a lot of danger of being hit by a car but its not a great spot if they're looking at building a nest.
When I finally wheeled my bike back to its spot in my room, Nubs was there to greet me.  Still skinny as a string bean but no signs of getting worse.  Ah, old age.  

I was surfing the 'net this morning, I came across a blog I used to follow when I first bought my bike. Girls and Bicycles is a local blog (Edmonton) written by the lovely Sarah. I stopped reading a few bike blogs, Sarah's included, when my focus switched to running, but it was a joy to find it again.  What I didn't realize until this morning?  She's also the wife of our current mayor, Don Iveson!


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