Running Resignation

Sunday, April 06, 2014
After yet another failed attempt to get back at this running thing, I have to face facts.  I am resigning myself to walking the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon in October.  The odds of me running it at this point (7 months away) are beyond minimal thanks to the tightening up of the arch in my left foot returning, much to my annoyance, and an overall discomfort in my legs regardless of activity level.  Sure, I'm bummed.  Part of the reason I wanted to enter this race was because things were going so well and I finally felt like a runner.  Thinks then went pear shaped late last year with problems in my calves and my feet (as you all are probably bored of hearing about).  Despite the physiotherapist visits, the problems continue to hamper my attempts to run. 
I'm ok with walking the half.  It will be a good visit with Mommikins (not that I don't see her all the time already) and my favourite Aunt.  I'll get to see parts of Toronto I've never seen before and experience what a larger race venue feels like, especially with lots of crowd participation and support, something we don't necessarily get here in Edmonton when it comes to running.  I'll enjoy my time in one of Canada's largest cities and being off work for a few days.  But I'm not giving up on the running entirely.  I'll still test the waters now and again, and I'm hoping to mix in the occasional couple of minutes of running during my half marathon attempt but my plan from here on out is that I will be walking this race.  Training begins in June and all long walks will be just that - walks.

Before anyone begins with "oh, you should do this" or "you have to do this, it'll solve your problems", rest assured, I've tried pretty much everything.  There have been two separate physiotherapists, doctors visits, site specific stretching, yoga, compression socks, new shoes, inserts, etc.  I've spent the past twenty years damaging the muscles on my feet, calves and knees by sitting on my legs, wrapping them around all manner of chair legs, and generally treating them like crap.  A few months of therapy and working on them will not solve the problems as much as I would like it too.  Perhaps someday I will run another race without the kind of sob-inducing foot cramps and calf tightness I've gone through over the past months but it won't be this year.  And that's ok.


Eugene Knapik said...

Unfortunate about running, but on the other hand, an opportunity to explore other interesting physical activities.

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