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Thursday, July 24, 2014
The giant orange furball, aka Nero, and I headed off to long overdue checkup with the Vet today.
Don't worry, I didn't ACTUALLY transport him in a backpack.  Although it was tempting.... He went into his new carrying case quite easily and then... proceeded to wail and howl like he was being tortured.  Sigh.  As we waited for the elevator, I was sure our neighbours were going to start popping their heads out of their apartments to stare at us in annoyance and judgement.  The cab ride was relatively uneventful.  I'm not sure if the continued wailing from Nero was due to his shock and discomfort or if he was bothered by the overwhelming smell of oil/grease in the vehicle. Ugh.

Nero hasn't been to any Vet since he had crystals and that was about 7 years ago?  Needless to say it was about time.  For the past couple of years, he's been getting some residue/deposit/gunk on the edge of his nose - you can see it ithe picture below.  It doesn't bother him in terms of breathing and I can rub it off with my fingers but I've never had it happen with any other cat I've had before so I wanted it checked out.
After Anubis' rapid deterioration following his traumatic visit to the Glenora Cat Clinic earlier this year, I opted to take the Emperor to a different clinic.  Luckily, the Rossetti Veterniary Centre is just a couple of blocks away from the GCC so we didn't have to travel any further.  I am sooooo happy with this new Vet.  We lucked out and met with Dr. Rossetti himself and he LOVED Nero.  I have never seen him so well behaved and quiet when being poked and prodded by a stranger.  Dr. Rossetti gave him the once over - healthy weight, good heart and lungs, no blockages or lumps.  He's concerned that Nero may have allergies which is what I had suspected as well.  He didn't go out much when we lived in our old apartment but where we live now, he's able to go out on the balcony and get exposed to all manner of flying pollen and dusties.  We left after he received a steroid shot with the promise that they would call us a couple of times in the next few weeks to see if it helps.  We'll definitely go back to visit with Dr. R and his staff again.

After an uneventful (and relatively quiet) taxi ride home, someone let us know he was not amused.

Final bit of "cat news", while pulling some of my fave Nero pics from my Flickr account, I found one of my alltime favourite shots of the boys.  
Typically Nero, splayed out and exposing his jibblies to the world.  Anubis, in healthier happier days, looks like he'd dreaming of pouncing through the grass chasing bugs as he was so fond of doing.  I miss that furry little bugger.


Eugene Knapik said...

Cats are such bad actors when it comes to going to the vets. When our dear Delia was with us, getting her into a cat carrier was a wild experience. With our dogs on the other hand it's a different deal. We walk to the vet's together and they're happy to go in and get checked out. Nero is a beautiful cat by the way!

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