STWM: Training Diary Week 2

Saturday, July 05, 2014
Normally, I like my treadmill but during Sunday's long slow distance (LSD) I hated it. When I woke up on Sunday, it was raining and I didn't feel like slogging through 4.5 miles in a downpour so I figured I'd hop on the treadmill and watch a little MSNBC while I walked.  I've done four miles on the treadmill before. This shouldn't be a problem. Ugh.

I started out chipper and gung-ho!  Look - I'm smiling!  that quickly changed.  For some reason, no matter how slow I walked, it all seemed to be too fast.  What was wrong with me?  The first two miles took forever. I couldn't believe it.  Only two miles?  Double ugh.  I'd get bursts of energy where I sped up to a decent (but slower than racing!) speed which helped but I was a sweaty dripping mess by the time I finished.  Maybe I should have just braved the rains and gone outside.  Oh well.

Waking up on Monday, I was stiff and sore.  Definitely a foam rolling, stretching kind of day for me. Or it should have been.  I rolled a little bit but did no stretching, yoga, or nearly as much foam rolling as I should have (i.e. I only did one leg!).  Tuesday I ran. Things went pretty well - I had 2.5 miles planned but decided to only go for two.  Considering how wiped out I was last week, I didn't want to push it.  The plan was to try and run 2x2s but that didn't happen. Instead I did a weird R1/W1/R1W2 for the first mile and then walked the second.  I was hot, sweaty and exhausted by the time I was done.  All I could think of was that Wednesday was not going to happen at this point. However...

Wednesday afternoon I went out for a two mile walk.  Not my smartest move.  It wasn't because I was tired, sore or uninspired; it was god-awful hot with a toasty warm wind blowing every which way.  Pretty sure I ended up with a sunburn.  And I brought home a friend - a slimy green caterpillar that hitched a ride on my shirt back to my apartment.  The river valley is currently coated in these blighters.  For the first part of my walk, I could skirt around them as they hung down over the path, pretending to be Tom Cruise as they repelled from the trees above.  However, I would turn a corner and the path would be so covered in stringy caterpillar webs I thought I'd stumbled into Shelob's Lair. Yes, I'm that much of a geek.

Friday's scheduled two miler didn't happen - its been way too hot and muggy for me lately and I was exhausted and sweaty by the time I got home late from work.  So, I took it easy and rested Friday and Saturday instead. 


sp said...

Tough week. I hate those weeks. But it's great that you still went out and tried even if you didn't feel up for it. Lots of obstacles this week though. Let's hope this next week is better for you!

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