STWM: Training Diary Week 4

Sunday, July 20, 2014
After last week's lackadaisical attitude towards my training and not even attempting to try and beat the heat, I was determined this week will be much better.  I headed out Sunday morning for my long walk; I had 5.5 miles scheduled.  My plan was to do the same route as last week and tack on a small  side route at the end to get that extra half mile. Everything went well and I was prepared for the possibility of racing to a bathroom since I knew where they were this time out. Surprise surprise, I didn't need one until I got home!  Not sure what was up with last week then.  

The small park behind the Legislature had been watered recently so, even though the trail was clear, there were a lot of mosquitos on the hunt for breakfast.  Lucky me, my blood is super tasty.  Note to self - ALWAYS wear sunscreen AND insect repellant (I skipped on the insect spray this time).  Not sure why the skeeters think I'm so tasty but they do...  This week, I timed myself as usual but forced myself to keep it on the slow side and just "do the distance".  Therefore no running.  I sped up now and then but not to race speed.  My hands tend to swell when I walk so every once in a while, I make sure to raise and swing my arms to get things moving.
I took this shot from one of the bridges in town - not a cloud in the sky. Ugh.  That means no reprieve from the blazing hot sun.  Despite the lack of bug spray, I remembered to slather myself in 30SPF as usual so I wasn't worried about a sunburn.  There were a lot of people out running and cycling Sunday morning.  What a difference half an hour makes.  
I passed by this little furry fellow on my travels.  He was soooo tiny! Just sitting there munching away oblivious to all the people passing him by.  Adorable. Around mile three, my left foot (surprise) started to hurt.  Not the tight feeling or cramping from my muscles; nope, it was my arthritis.  Normally, walking will help with the pain but not today.  It began to get worse the closer I got to home so I skipped the extra half mile.  Fortunately, I have anti-inflammatories my Doctor gave for just such an occasion so I took one when I got home.  Pain gone shortly after.  All in all, Sunday's walk felt pretty good (other than the foot!).  I didn't have the problems with my hip/butt muscles I had last week so I'm counting that as progress!

TUESDAY: Too hot.


THURSDAY:  FINALLY! Rain!  Not much but enough to cool things off enough that I could get a workout in.  I hopped on the treadmill after work and managed 2.25 miles.  Felt awesome to get more than one walk in this week. Sure, its only the second one (third in two weeks...ugh) but its better than not walking, am I right?


Not thrilled with the poor number of miles I've logged the past two weeks but the heat and I just do NOT get along.  Here's hoping next week is better!


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