STWM: Training Diary Week 6

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
SUNDAY:  I wasn't sure I was going to head outside this morning.  I really wasn't in the mood and debated hopping on the treadmill instead.  However, I somehow summoned the willpower and hit the river valley trails.  Once I was dressed and stepped out the door, I felt glad that I had made the decision to head outside.  I was also excited because I had downloaded a bunch of podcasts to listen to on my walk and was looking forward to having something to distract me from the distance.  Sadly, my iPod would only play two of them and they combined for a whopping 20 minutes of listening time.  Argh.  That's ok, when I got home, I figured out how to put them on my iPhone so I'm prepared for next time!
I headed out later than normal and was worried that it would get too hot too quickly but when you have views like this, who cares about the temperature, right?
I'm not always the most observant but I swear these flower pots are new.  When did they start lining River Valley Road with hanging planters?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. They're lovely but it just struck me as slightly odd.
I hadn't mapped out my route very accurately before I left the house but thought I remembered how far the route I had planned was. It wouldn't be quite the 6.5 miles I was scheduled for but still a good distance.  Turns out it was 5 miles and that was just barely!  Not going out the week before took its toll; I had to stop and stretch out my legs along the way.
And let's not discuss how sore the pads of my feet were by the time I got home and took my shoes off. Ouch-a-roo!  It wasn't as hot out as I expected. While it was brilliantly sunny, the rains on Saturday definitely cooled everything off enough that it was quite tolerable.  And I wasn't the only one who thought so. There were packs of runners out and about this morning. Most likely as part of the Running Room's Sunday Run Club.
This picture doesn't do the crowds justice.  I encountered or was passed by about a dozen groups of at least 6 - 10 runners at various times.  Plus plenty of folks in training for the upcoming ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in late August.

WEDNESDAY:  I was up at 4AM baking cookies. Why, you ask? Why not, I ask in return.  This was going to be the coolest part of the day and I really wanted to bake so .... there you go.
Since I was up and moving, and it was still not Hellishly hot out, I also decided to head out for some exercise. Wednesdays are now scheduled to be "hill days" but I didn't quite feel like it so I headed over to the Royal Glenora to run some stairs.  I use the term "run" VERY loosely.  I was sweating before I even finished getting dressed.  It was 20C at 7AM and would eventually soar to 31C later in the day. Ugh.  Fortunately 20C is a decent temperature for me and I didn't mind it once I got outside.  I took my time getting over to Constable Ezio Faraone Park and found a group of military service members (Army I think) running up and down the stairs, around the Glenora parking lot, and then repeating the whole process.  Beasts, all of them.  I managed one and two thirds flights of stairs.  Before you laugh at me and think I'm a quitter, take a gander....
These ain't some sissy stairs.  The Royal Glenroa stairs are well known in Edmonton and are typically swamped with sweaty climbers from sun-up to sun-down in the summer.  I didn't get to take a picture so I'm including this wintery one.  Ahhhhh, winter. I miss you.

By the time I had finished the first full set, my legs were jello.  However, I didn't want to look like a chump in front of all the people racing up and down the stairs so I headed back down to do another one.  By the time I reached the first of the three landings, I knew I wasn't going to make it.  I turned around at the next landing and even that was probably too far for me.  My legs were mush and my lungs were on fire.
Somehow I stumbled to the top again and found the nearest bench.  After resting for about 10 minutes and drinking some water I headed home.  Things were fine except when I had to stop walking at a crosswalk - return of the jelly legs.  And then, to top it all off, I had to walk down the hill to my apartment. I was pretty sure they would give out and I'd fall into morning rush hour traffic.  As you may have guessed, that didn't happen.  It felt great later in the day to know that I did some stairs. What didn't feel so great was realizing how out of shape I am. My apartment and my office are both in high rises, and they're both over 15 floors up.  I don't do stairs very often in my day to day life.  A definite kick in the pants, this was.

Given the heat is supposed to stick around all week, I'm not planning on any more walking/running. Until my next long walk on Sunday and Mommikins might come with me!


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