STWM: Training Diary Week 8

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Another long walk can be checked off of my list.  On the training schedule was seven and a half miles and I ended up doing 7.25!  That's a full mile further than last week.  I'm back on track!  It was overcast and dreary when I started out early this morning, with a definite feel of fall in the air.  Even the trees were feeling it - every time I looked around, I saw a couple of yellow leaves here and there.

I headed off through the river valley to Hawrelak Park today.  The road around the lake there is 2.5K so it would be the perfect add on to my now standard loop. The park will be hosting yet another big world class event this summer.  
While the views are lovely and the road is removed from the hustle and bustle of the regular river valley traffic, the lack of hot temps and bright sunshine meant the skeeters were out and looking for a feast.  Lucky little buggers; they found me and my Type 0 blood which is apparently mosquito crack.  Total bite count for this morning:  9 (back of head - 2; back of arm - 1; shoulder blade - 1; back of legs - 5).
In a couple of weeks, crowds of people will fill the park to cheer on the athletes.  Today however, the only crowds (other than the swarms of mosquitoes) were huge flocks of Canada Geese.
I've heard the stories.  Geese, while majestic and beautiful, can be quite bitchy and protective. If there had been only one or two, I would have ventured a little closer and tried to snap a better shot.  Two different gangs of geese roaming the streets like a scene out of West Side Story?  No thank you.  I moved from the road to the path to the grass and then a few feet further away.
Two and a half hours later, I stumbled up the steps to my building.  The bottoms of my feet started to get a bit sore around 6 miles and then my right knee flared up for the last 1/2 hour but overall I felt great (and tired!).

The training diaries from now on are just going to focus on Sundays - I don't have much to talk about when I work out during the week anyway so why bother waiting???? 


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