STWM: Training Diary Week 9

Tuesday, August 19, 2014
The best laid plans... I had every intention of walking 8.25 miles on Sunday. That's .25 miles further than my training scheduled called for but I was pumped. I was psyched. I was ready!  My bladder however was not.
As you might be able to tell from the picture above, it was taken before the overwhelming urge to wee hit me.  Let me start from the beginning...

Sunday was supposed to be the inaugural Earthgroove 10K Trail Race here in Edmonton. I had signed up for the 5K and planned to try and run part of it.  However, only eight of us signed up for it and it ended up being cancelled.  So, instead I was on my own.  No problemo.  As I mentioned above, I was excited to get out there and really put in some distance. 

Everything started out well although I felt rushed getting out of the house.  I had to be finished by 9:30 as I was meeting the family at Big Brother's house and I'd need to shower and rest before going over.  So, off I went, out the door and into the river valley just after seven.  Thanks to the attacks I suffered last week from the blood suckers, I opted to douse myself in bug spray this time out.  Sunscreen? Check.  Copious amounts of bug repellent? Double check (and double dose to be safe). 

By the time I hit the high level bridge, the urge to "go" had begun. Aw crap (pun intended)!  It wasn't too bad at this point so I figured maybe, just maybe, I could make it all the way to Hawrelak Park before needing to find a bathroom.  Nope.  Part way down Saskatchewan Drive, I realised that I was going to have to detour down into my old friend, Emily Murphy Park.  In my head, I quickly tried to map out a new route and figure out how far I could go.  Needless to say, disappointment quickly set in.  Relief also set in as I inched closer to the bathroom.  

I must have sweat off all of my bug spray.  Walking through the grass towards the bathroom, I encountered one adventurous mosquito that risked his tiny little life by trying to suck my blood.  He died valiantly.  However, when I came out and started on my way again, his relatives swarmed me en masse.  They were everywhere!  Sadly, thanks to the skeeter assault and the lack of a definitive route to get the mileage I wanted, I cut my morning short and did my standard 5.5 mile loop.

Some good news: on the advice of Pat the Runner, I decided to try a toe sleeve. It worked really well, at least at this shorter distance.  Here's hoping that the toe problems have been resolved or at least lessened.
Next Sunday, I'm doing the 10K race as part of the Edmonton Marathon weekend.  Stay tuned!


Lori Frank said...

Hi there, I am a local artist (painter) in Edmonton. I stumbled on your blog by doing a google search of the stairs by the Hotel Macdonald. Very nice photo that you took from your old office view! I have been painting our river valley exclusively for the last year and a half.

My question is do you mind if I use the photo that you took as a for a possible painting that I may do? Honestly I am not sure when or if I will, as I have others that I will be doing; but thought I would get your permission just in case and don't want to lose your contact information. Best Regards! Lori Frank

Karen said...

Hi Lori, of course! Which picture is it that you'd like to use?

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