The Cider Wars

Sunday, August 10, 2014
Today, I felt like a drink.  Something cool, alcoholic, and full of flavour.  Mmmm, cider it is.  The local liquor store though didn't have any Strongbow.  I would not be deterred so I reached for the Grower's.  I almost walked back to the counter to pay when something caught my eye.  It was this...
 Angry Orchard apple cider.
I'm not completely sold on it after one bottle but its not unpleasant.  Unlike Strongbow, its only 5% alcohol so it doesn't pack the same kind of punch and it took a while before the warm feeling began to spread throughout my body beginning in my tummy.  Its sweeter and has a stronger apple flavour.  I liken it to that first bite of a crisp, juicy, perfectly ripe Spartan/McIntosh apple.  Plus its got a wicked cool label.
It looks right at home on my balcony, doesn't it?   The sweetness takes some getting used to.  While I don't mind it, I'm not sure if I would buy this particular flavour of theirs again.  I'm more of a dry cider gal so I'd go with their Traditional Dry variety. I like that the company also offers seasonal brews - light tropical fruity floral for the summer, and their Sinful Apple which sounds right up my alley.  MUST FIND SOME.  

What's your favourite hard cider?


LydiaofCO said...

Cider taste too much like beer. I like Mike's pink Hard Lemonade the best.

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