The New Job

Friday, August 08, 2014
The new job began this week.  It was an unusual experience for me, beginning this particular new job.  I wasn't nervous or excited.  It probably was due to still being in the same area of government, the same building, and working indirectly with people I already knew.  It was a bit daunting though once I turned on my computer and began working that first morning. My predecessor started forwarding emails to me right away and I quickly had an inbox full of meetings to schedule, budgeting to do and random other items to get a start on.  Throw on some duties left over from my previous position (until they hire someone full time) and I was swamped.  However, I'm slowly getting a handle on things and I'm sure in a week or two, I'll be deep in the swing of things.

One good thing about being so incredibly busy - I don't have time to snack.  Oh sure, it also helps that the snack cupboard isn't located right next to my desk anymore now that I've switched floors but I just don't have time to think about reaching for something to stuff in my mouth.  And I don't (so far anyways) have much down time so I don't get those "I'm bored therefore I must eat" thoughts.  My waistline will hopefully appreciate this soon.
My new desk backs onto a window. Its wonderful!  I'm on the non-sunny side of the building which means it doesn't get scorchingly hot by midafternoon.  While that means I look out at Jasper Avenue and Churchill  Square rather than the beautiful green of Edmonton's river valley, I'm not complaining.  I could be stuffed in a dark, dank, sweat box with no natural light.  My small group of five all seem very nice and we're getting along well, despite having very different personalities.  Its still only day four but I think I'm going to enjoy this new challenge!


Eugene Knapik said...

Sounds like you've got off to a good start at the new job. I hope it works out super-well for you.

I would love to have a daily dose of natural light in my work area! Is there a sign-up sheet for that?

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