STWM: Training Diary Week 12

Friday, September 12, 2014
Still struggling to pull myself out of the funk I've been in since the 10K a couple of weeks ago.  Slowly but surely... I was going to go outside for a walk on Sunday. Key word: WAS.  I had my running clothes on, belt packed with everything I needed, hat on, route planned. As I sat down to put on my running shoes, I realized I didn't want to go out. If I've learned anything over the past two years, its not to force myself to do something I'm not feeling like doing. So, I made a different plan. I would do a nice, slower walk on my treadmill and then another similar walk later in the day (also on the treadmill).  Seemed like a good plan and a nice way of splitting up an otherwise boring machine based workout.  Yeah... sure did. After a mere 10 minutes on the treadmill, I knew it wasn't going to happen.  However, I did log 4.5 miles which is more than I did the entire week previously!  Small victories.  To keep up my momentum, I walked to work on Monday, logged another 2.25 miles on the treadmill on Tuesday and lifted upper body weights on Wednesday. 
Tour of Alberta 2014 - Sharp turn at the bottom of Bellamy Hill
My weight is an issue. I'm feeling very sluggish these days and its not just the post-race blues.  Since starting my new job I've been even more sedentary than before which I didn't think was possible.  Unhealthy eating is out of control and soda continues to be my drug of choice. If I could afford it, I'd consider joining Weight Watchers again just for the accountability.  I definitely made smarter choices when I knew I'd be judged on how much I'd lost or gained each week.  Perhaps I need to focus on my health the same way I've been focusing on my finances lately.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

Speaking of the new job, its going really well. Busy busy busy! But I'm enjoying the challenge.  I'm not enjoying feeling slightly lost sometimes and not knowing what I'm doing but that will come with time. My small group is really great and I'm learning a lot.  Its still early days, I know and a lot can change in the course of two years but at this point, I'm hoping that the position becomes permanent.  Every week, I'm reminded by something small and seemingly insignificant of why I wanted a change in the first place.
As I've mentioned a little while ago, Emperor Nero had a visit with the new vet in order to have his nose examined.  The steroid shot didn't work and weeks later, it seemed the black gunk in and on his nose was getting worse.  After a number of calls between the vet and I, we decided to try Vaseline.  Yes, Vaseline.  His nose is also dry and the Vet figured .... why not?  Why not, indeed. Wonders!  It seems to have worked.  His nose is much clearer and he gets very little of the black crap along the ridge area. And, even more surprisingly, he doesn't hate it.  He doesn't enjoy it but then Nero doesn't enjoy much other than his morning cat treats and having his whiskers scratched.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good to hear that Nero's nose gunk is clearing up. I can't imagine that could have been too pleasant for the poor fellow.

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