2015 - The Year of the Blog

Friday, December 26, 2014
I'm officially back into blogging...if only I can get my stupid wifi connection on my laptop to stay connected.  Grrrrr.  Stupid machine.  Anyways no ranting or raving this post my friends. I'm in a positive mood (other than this stupid computer nonsense...sorry!) so this post will be so as well! Alright then. Part of my reason for getting the aforementioned laptop with the bad wifi connection (argh) was to make blogging easier.  I've really missed writing on a regular basis and sharing my life with the interwebby world.  I made a promise to myself and plenty of you folks that I would begin blogging regularly again in 2015.  Well, the new year is almost upon us and I wanted to get a jump start on things.  Look at me, blogging twice in one day!
To help motivate myself, I decided to pose a couple of challenges for myself and anyone else who wants to join in with me. Figuring out what it is I want to do or how to challenge myself is a bit of problem. Oh sure, if you Google "blog challenge" you'll be treated to any number of links (approx. 477,000,000 when I tried) suggesting ways to blog everyday and subjects to write about. Many of these are duplicates or variations of the same themes:  personal information about yourself (fave vacation spot, colour, childhood memories, etc), various factoids about yourself, the purpose of your blog/meaning behind your blog name, and so on. I didn't want to take this route. I blog a lot about myself and any number of these types of things in my normal blogging routine. And yes, it could be argued I haven't had a regular blogging routine lately so this would actually be a good idea, especially for new visitors.  However, its my blog and I'll write what I like to.
What I'd like to do (and invite a few of my fellow bloggers to join in with me) is to set up six writing challenges for myself over the course of the year.  Setting a challenge every month sounds great but its also a bit of a lofty goal for someone who's fallen off of the writing bandwagon this past year.  Six seems a bit more reasonable so six it shall be.  Here's what I have so far:

January - 15 for 2015.  Simply put, fifteen blog posts over the course of the month.  That's it.  This can be a blog post every other day for the whole month, two per day for seven days, or fifteen posts all in one day and then silence for the rest of the month. The point of this challenge is to get back into the habit of writing.  I don't care what I write about or how long each post is.  Just write. I can include pictures but I have to write at least a few sentences. 

March - A to Z.  I'm stealing this one from Blogging from A to Z. This will involve a lot more writing but I've got February to myself to help transition into the near daily blogging March will involve.  Essentially, I write a post every day in March, except for Sundays, and each day has a letter associated with it.  Day 1 - A, Day 2 - B, etc.  I can write about anything beginning with the letter A on the first day (apples, anxiety, argon...). And each successive day will have a theme with the next letter of the alphabet, all the way up to Z on March 31.  I can blog more often if I wish about whatever I want but I am committing to 26 days of posting according to the alphabet.

I haven't sorted out the details of the other four challenge months (May, July, September and November) or if I'll even need them by that point.  If my fellow bloggers join me, perhaps they can come up with something to inspire the rest of us to keep on writing.

There's been a good deal of chatter about blogging on Facebook amongst my friends and some of their friends.  Comment upon comment about how everyone misses blogging and reading everyone else's blogs.  There's something about blogging and writing online that you can't get from Twitter's 140 character limit or the instant gratification of Facebook.  Each has their purpose and are great tools but blogging offers something unique. I hope that you'll join me in re-committing to blogging in 2015. I know I'm not the only one who's missed you.


Eugene K said...

January: you can do it, no problem.
March: now that one sounds very interesting. I'm in.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope the blogging bug spreads! It's been lonely in the blogosphere the past couple of years.

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