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Monday, December 08, 2014
Hello again me bloggies! I've returned!  At least for today.  I've missed blogging on a regular basis and have plans to start back a fairly regular basis very soon.  Why not immediately, you ask?  My biggest problem is my lack of a comfortable computer space.  Other than my work office (which doesn't really approve of doing non-work related things on work time), I don't really have a cozy spot to blog from. Currently, I only have a desktop and the desk/chair where its set up is terribly uncomfortable.  In the new year, I'm looking at getting a laptop which will allow me to write from anywhere. I'm especially looking forward to spending more time in my comfy new El Dorado La-Z Boy.  Someone else isn't as keen on being kicked out of his new favourite napping spot.
To get everyone up to speed, here's what's been happening since my last post way back in October. My CRP numbers aren't budging (bloodwork - indicator of inflammation) despite the fact that I feel a lot bette than I did back in September and October. Dr. H has decided there's no point in continuing to do bloodwork if the numbers aren't changing (my veins thank him for that!). The next step is to get an appointment with a rheumatologist.  Who knows how long that will take? I love our health care system here in Canada but unless its dire, it can sometimes take forever to see a specialist. The waiting continues...  All in all though I feel relatively good.  The pressure in my chest has pretty much stopped although I sometimes get a weird cold feeling spreading through my lungs. The chest pains come and go but certainly less frequently than before. I still cannot carry anything heavy for more than a minute or two (eg: grocery bags) but I'm hoping that will change as I start moving again.
A week or so ago, I had the opportunity to head on over to Craft Beer Market for dinner after work. It was practically blizzarding outside with a bone chilling wind but they make a pretty fabulous butternut squash ravioli so I braved the wicked weather.  Not many folks would get me out on such a night but it was a special event.  Longtime blog friend, Eugene (27th Street) was in town on business and we were finally going to get a chance to meet!
We hadn't been there very long when we were surprised by none other than another longtime blog friend, SME, (Swallowing the Camel) who saw our posts on Facebook and decided to crash the party! So glad she did.  The funny thing is, SME and I not only live in the same city, we within blocks of each other's work and home but have never gotten around to meeting face to face until now! WOOT!  More good news, Eugene is headed back to the capital city soon and we'll hopefully all get together once again.  Bloggers are the best buddies.


Eugene Knapik said...

I hope I don't bring another snowstorm with me this time around.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope you can get relief from your health issues. They sound more than a little debilitating.
And blogger meetups are the best! I have had the pleasure of meeting both Eugene and SME, and am long overdue to finally meet you.

Karen said...

This time you brought some heat, Eugene!

Barb, LONG overdue!

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