Bring on the Holidays!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014
This year, I have to admit, I'm not fully into the holiday spirit.  Normally, I'm wicked excited to dive in and decorate, shop for presents, and get the holidays going. While I'm still feeling Christmas-y to an extent, its certainly not at my normal holiday celebration level.  That didn't stop me from starting my baking though (really, who needs an excuse for cookies?!).
This year, I went with an old stand by which seems to delight everyone - pumpkin raisin cookies. Mmmm, I wish Blogger offered smell-a-vision.  Delightful.  I also decided to go totally against my grain and make a variation on sugar cookies. For those who know me, I avoid rolled cookies like the plague. I can never get the dough right and if I even come close, I usually overcook them.  This year however, I found a recipe on Pinterest for Lightly Lime Cookies.  I was intrigued. Sure, they don't really sound Christmas-y but they sound delicious!  I gave it a go.

I'm a genius.

Well, whomever created the recipe is a genius. I'm an amazing baker.  They were, as expected, delightful.  I opted to skip the icing because I just couldn't be bothered. However, it turned out to be a good decision. The rich lime creamcheese icing would have been too much for these light, flavourful cookies.  I'm already thinking of other variations I can make - an orange or a lemon/lime version is making my mouth water.

I still have a few more things to bake but the cookies have all but disappeared. I've kept enough for the family on Christmas Eve.  The rest ended up at work and didn't last the day.  Still on my to-do list:  banana bread muffins and a lemon loaf.
My banana bread muffins are award winning. I even have a certificate to prove it. I'll do a batch of chocolate chips (dark chocolate, 'natch) and another holiday themed with cranberries instead of chocolate. Trust me.  Divine.


Susan W said...

Now those look magnificent! Lime is my favourite dessert-y flavour :) I want to reach in and grab a cookie (and also your gorgeous fluffy kitty is just asking for cuddles).

I hope you get some answers on your health issues soon my dear.

Karen said...

Thanks Susan! I'm hoping so too.

I had my first slice of keylime pie last month and LOVED it. I never game lime-flavoured items much thought before. Now? Bring it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I love lime, but never once considered lime cookies. In fact, I don't think I have ever encountered lime cookies. Brilliant!

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