Christmas Clay

Friday, December 26, 2014
Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year. I hope that everyone had a safe holiday filled with family and friends.  As usual, Mommikins and I had Big Brother and family over for Christmas Eve dinner.  This year, we had chili and fixin's before exchanging gifts.  
Not my actual chili or my actual tree.
Christmas morning, Mom and I were up early and opened presents.  Santa was good to me this year - I got the Edmonton Eskimos garden gnome I was hoping for, along with a number of other useful goodies. I also treated myself and registered in a pottery class beginning in January. It starts right before my birthday so its a bit of a dual gift for myself.  I'm really looking forward to it.  Ever since my university days, I've wanted to try my hands at pottery and I'm finally giving myself the opportunity.  Its six Sunday afternoons spent throwing clay and I'm beyond excited.  If I like it and I don't completely suck, I'll register for the second level.  The course is offered by the City of Edmonton and located just a short bus trip away.  The good news is that, if I'm feeling well (i.e. no chest problems) and the weather isn't too horrible, I could walk home afterwards!  Ah, here's hoping.  It would be great to get some physical activity once again.
Not my actual hands. (source)
After presents, we relaxed for most of the day before heading over to Big Brother's house for dinner and socializing with friends.  It was a great group this year - my great brother in law John (unfortunately his girlfriend had the flu and couldn't join us), practically family Rudy, lifelong friends of the Super Duper SIL Ken and Marcy and their kids and mother, and rounding out the group, Steve and kids (his wife had to work).  All in all I think there 17 of us?  Still quite the full house but good people all round.

For the remainder of the holidays, I'm going to relax.  There will be plenty of reading - I have to finish two books by the 31st to meet my goal for the year and I'm 1/2 way through one of them (and really enjoying it which is a nice change).  There will also be catching up on some Netflix.  I've started watching Wentworth, an Australian television show about a women's prison.  Imagine Orange is the New Black without any of the humourous stuff and quite a bit grittier.  There's also a list of movies to catch up on. On top of that, I have a pair of mittens I have to finish by the new year and a blanket I want to make some progress on.  Wait....didn't I say I was going to relax?


Eugene K said...

Women's Prison seems to be a popular theme these days. There was also a women's prison thread on Season 5 of Justified (which stopped being good after Season 3, unfortunately). When we watched a season of Orange, I thought what must be missing from reality was the sheer monotony of the experience, but I guess that doesn't make for very good television.

S.M. Elliott said...

Mmmm, now I'm craving some chili. That just might be tonight's dinner...thanks!

Sounds like a wonderful holiday. I have three more days off, so I'm also catching up on reading. And we finally have Netflix, so I've started The Bletchley Circle (really enjoying it so far).

Karen said...

Sarah, I loved The Bletchley Circle! A bit sad it was only 2 seasons (and S2 is not as good, IMO).

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