Chowder Head and A Pot to P*ss In

Sunday, January 18, 2015
I was tempted to not go to my pottery class today. I'm enjoying it although I admit its frustrating not really being able to master it within 3 hours... For the second weekend in a row, I haven't much of a chance to relax.  I'm not complaining; both weekends have been filled with fun family stuff on the Saturday but having to go out for a good portion of the day on Sunday as well has left me knackered. This weekend it was a visit with my Dad and Step Mom. As an added bonus, my step sister Samantha and her son Broden were in the city and joined us. We don't see this side of the family very often so it was a lovely visit. Plus they brought Christmas and birthday presents! 

Pottery class today was a continuation of our last class - trying to master the basic cylinder shape. Let's just say they're not my thing. Ack ack a dack. Only three attempts at throwing something on the wheel and coming away with a recognizable, keepable piece of pottery.  I ended up with a bowl (I'll try and get a pic of it next week).  My piece from last week has dried quite a bit and at the start of today's class we began cleaning them up and shaving bits off that looked icky.
Note - fingerprints.
This is pre-shaving/cleaning. Once again, I didn't quite master the techniques she described. Frustration once again.  Grrrr. I am sooooo looking forward to non-wheel based pottery (fingers crossed). We haven't fired any of the pieces yet nor decorated them with glaze, slip or etching. Not sure what this is going to be used for or how I'm going to decorate it when it comes time but I've still got a couple of weeks to think about it. While other people in the class are turning out 2, 3 or more pieces per class, I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things I make (this applies to my knitting too which is part of why I don't take requests). My goal is to come out of each class with just one semi-decent piece.  
The remainder of my day was spent making a yummy vegetable chowder/cream soup and baking another chili cheese loaf.  Perfect pairing. I made it home in time to catch the final 5 minutes of the Seattle Seahawks/Green Bay Packers playoff game. Sadly it did not end the way I was hoping so I'll now be cheering for Seattle to beat either the Colts or the Patriots depending on how the second game turns out. Please let it be the Colts; I DETEST the Patriots.

Hmmm, what's the difference between chowder and cream soup?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Eugene K said...

I always thought that chowder was chunky but cream soup was pureed. I have no idea why I think that though and I could be way off-base. There there are bisques. What the heck is a bisque?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

The pottery is looking quite nice! I do like the shape of it and it looks quite nicely balanced to me.

Karen said...

Eugene, I would have to agree - both have milk but I always think of "cream of..." soups as being smooth. Dad used to make clam chowder all the time when I was growing up (gross) and it was always chunky.

Thanks Barb. I'm not sure what its going to be right yet - the lip prevents it from being very useful as a cup/mug but it might look nice once glazed as a pen holder on my work desk. Stay tuned.

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