Post 10 of 15: The Latest Pottery Update

Monday, January 26, 2015
In yesterday’s pottery class, we continued throwing on the wheel and trying to perfect our techniques when it came to creating the perfect cylinder. Hells belles but it’s not easy. To be honest, even if we spent all 10 weeks just doing this same thing over and over, I doubt I’d have the skill level to make anything without help by the end! I will not be discouraged however; each week I dutifully roll some clay, throw it on the wheel, hit the gas pedal and attempt to not fling clay off in all directions and injure my fellow classmates.  This week I managed to finish with TWO pieces: a cup/glass type thing (I will not be adding a handle) and a narrow, deep soup bowl. To be fair, I get to a certain spot on each piece and then I’m afraid to go any further (based on previous outcomes) in case I ruin it. Our instructor came by and helped me to work the clay up to form the sides and smooth out the interior.

At the start of the class, we began by cleaning up the pieces we had finished the previous week, cutting off excess clay and adding a bit of shape. After two weeks of this, I’m feeling more confident. I had to ask for help for one small part of the base of my soup bowl but other than that, it was all me. I think part of the credit needs to go to my fancy new tools.

They were nice and shiny for about 5 minutes.

We discussed glazing at the end of this week’s class and that started me thinking about how I’d like my pieces to look once they’re finally finished. I surfed the great Google machine during my lunch hour today and now have definite ideas for painting/glazing the pieces I’ve already finished. I can’t promise they’ll look professional but I hope they come out halfway decent. We won’t be working with the glazes until the last couple of weeks, I believe, so there’s time to ask lots of questions and check out YouTube.

There are 7 weeks left in class and I have three items that I’d really like to make (and have turn out):  a nice sized serving/popcorn bowl, a chip/veggies and dip platter, and something I’m going to keep hush-hush about for the moment. I want it to be a surprise!  Don’t worry, you know I can’t keep secrets for long so you’ll probably find out pretty soon.


Eugene K said...

Sounds like you're on a good steady learning curve...keep at it!!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Won't it be lovely to serve something in one of your handmade bowls? Such a sense of accomplishment.

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