Restaurant Review: Three Amigos (Downtown Edmonton)

Sunday, January 18, 2015
This will be the my last birthday post for this year, I promise!  A couple of my coworkers offered to take me out for lunch last week to celebrate.  I decided to be bold and told them it didn't matter where we went, whatever they decided would be fine. One of them suggested Three Amigos, a Mexican restaurant just down the street from our office.  I had walked by numerous times and was curious to try so I said yes.
I opted for the chicken enchilada. It seemed like a relatively safe (and tasty choice). I'm not a big fan of beef or pork when I eat out. I have to admit I was seriously disappointed.  The enchilada's had nothing but oil and chicken inside the tortilla, the rice was bland and tasteless with chunks of something I couldn't recognize and that big black blob is refried beans. I've never ever seen beans that colour. We asked for all three sauces so we could each get a taste - there was a spicey green salsa, a tasty red one (milder) and a mole sauce which had absolutely no flavour.  

I didn't eat very much of my meal and told my friends that I was just getting really full. I'm sure that at least one of them guessed that I didn't like it although I said it was fine. I didn't want to hurt their feelings, especially since one of them had been to their south side location before and loved it.

When the waitress heard it was my birthday, she brought out this cute shot of tequila for me. Considering I had to go back to the office after lunch, I wasn't about to chug it. Instead one of my friends decided it shouldn't go to waste so he downed it.
The best part of lunch for me, besides the fantastic company, was dessert. Originally thinking I'd go for the deep fried ice cream sandwhich thingy, the pineapple empanada caught my eye and I was sold. They used canned pineapple but that was fine. The empanada was perfectly cooked, lightly coated with cinnamon sugar and everything was drizzled with caramel sauce. I especially loved that it looked like the Cookie Monster when he smiles (just me?). 

My opinion? I wouldn't go back again. Three Amigos is an "authentic Mexican restaurant". I don't know if this is authentic or not but I didn't like it. If you're looking for Mexican, I'd recommend Tres Carnales.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Did they use black beans for the refried beans? I normally like black beans, but those look like an oil spill.

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