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Saturday, January 24, 2015
My doctor's office called on Thursday and asked me to come in on Friday to discuss the results of Tuesday's CT scan. My brain was going in two different directions after I hung up. Either they weren't going to find anything or I should prepare myself for something serious. His nurse can't give me any details and I knew better than to ask. So, I just sucked it up until my appointment.

So there's good news and some so-so news. The radiologist's report came back with three items. First and foremost, there was nothing to indicate the inflammation I've been experiencing or that could be causing it. Soooo, now we continue to wait. The next step is the rheumatologist appointment which I should hopefully be getting a call about next week. Dr. H was surprised that I hadn't been called yet - he checked the specialist's scheduled appointments (ah the joys of being in the same clinic and using the same systems) and there are available appointments as early as the first week of February. Dr. H sent a follow up email while we were still in the exam room - fingers crossed.

Next, the CT scan showed very small nodules in my lungs. The radiologist and Dr. H aren't concerned about these - they are often the result of an infection at some point in the patient's past and unless I was a "high risk" patient (e.g.: heavy smoker now or previously, or if I worked in a dangerous industry like asbestos or uranium), there should be no need to do a follow up CT scan in a year. We chatted a bit about these but I'm not worried.

The final item though has me a bit bothered. There was evidence of fatty tissue in my liver. This would be a slight concern for any person but for me, doubly so. You see, my paternal grandmother, my beloved Nana, developed cirrhosis of the liver due to fatty tissue. She was a very large woman and had diabetes, neither of which did her any favours. Organ failure as a result of her cirrhosis was what eventually killed her. Given that I also take after my father's side of the family, I need to be aware of the potenetial ramifications of not trying to deal with this now. Dr. H however isn't freaking out over this. Each time we do a full set of bloodwork, he orders a liver enzyme test and every time, the results come back normal. He's said that for now its a good idea to eat sensibly and be aware, but until the numbers start going up, I shouldn't worry.  
Unfortunately, I am a bit worried given the family history. Something I can do right now is to lose a bit of weight. While that seems easy peasy lemon squeezy, there are a couple of things to consider. First, due to the ongoing inflammation issues, I can't do a lot of strenuous (or even semi-strenuous) physical activity. Effectively, this takes the "exercise" part out of the "diet and exercise" which is usually prescribed for those looking to lose weight. Second, because I have ovarian cysts, I have a tougher time losing weight than someone with the identical body size/shape as me. Basically, if you have two identical versions of me, one with the cysts and one without, and we both eat the same and do the same amount of exercise, the version without the cysts would lose more weight faster. Ain't I a lucky gal? This also results in me carrying most of my weight around my middle and excess abdominal fat contributes to fatty liver. It just gets better and better...

I'm not freaking out but now the desire to lose a few pounds takes on a whole new angle. While I don't want to live to 100, I would like to live into my 70s and do so relatively healthy. So, the pop will, with some great effort, be limited to weekends and eating out will be cut back drastically. Home cooking? Less bad stuff, more veggies. 

So, there it is. Overall, some good-ish news, some not so good-ish news but nothing to get my panties in a twist over.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

All things considered, those were pretty good results to be given. The problem with having medical tests done, of course - especially as we get older - is that they always turn up SOMETHING.
It will be more challenging for you to reduce some weight without the ability to exercise effectively, but you can do it. One of my own personal favourite helpful hints to myself is: you can't outrun your fork.

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