When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Baker!

Saturday, January 03, 2015
So far, the goal of reaching 15 posts for the month of January is going well.  Two posts in the first three days.  Not too shabby although its still early.  Definitely happy to be blogging again and looking forward to what I might write about for the rest of the month.  It didn't take much for me to get back in the groove - just a new laptop and the willpower to open it and start typing.

The holidays are technically over for me. I went back to the office yesterday.  I was semi-productive, as much as could be expected given that a lot of offices I need to be in touch with are closed or most of their staff were still away.  Its difficult to schedule anything when you can't reach the people you need to contact in order to make various arrangements.  Oh well, it was nice to get back into the swing of things.  Monday things will be back to normal with just about everyone back at the office. However, I must say that if the holidays fall again as they did this year, I will just take that extra day off rather than work.  It seemed a bit pointless. Ah well.

I've become addicted to The Great British Bake Off.  Seriously addicted. I watched the fifth series in a day and I'm working my way through the first season right now.  Its seriously inspiring me to want to bake more.  Not just my fabulous banana bread muffins or Christmas goodies.  No, I want to bake bread, buns, cakes, and so on.  My good friend Terri received a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas and promptly made some absolutely delicious looking buns.  Reading her Facebook post reawakened my long standing desire for a stand mixer.  Combine that with my binge-watching of five seasons of a cooking contest and boom!  Karen must have a mixer.

I found one on Amazon.ca today for half price.  Oooooh how I wish I had the money for it right now. Alas, I will have to wait.  I'm hoping that perhaps I get an Amazon gift card for my birthday and apparently I'm getting money from Dad and Stepmum for Christmas the next time they come into the city. Oooh, just imagine all the things I could make!!!!

In the meantime, I'll be making another no knead bread this weekend to share with folks at work. Probably chili and cheese flavoured. Mmmmmmmmmmm.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've never been much of a baker myself. Too much measuring involved. And then, of course, one must eat the results...

Glad you are enjoying your return to blogging. The blogosphere has gotten pretty unpopulated over the years.

Wandering Coyote said...

I consider myself a retired baker, as I don't envision myself going back into the field professionally again. But I still enjoy baking at home and for others, too.

Kitchen Aids are fantastic, no doubt about it. A piece of advice I have is that if you plan on making a lot of breads, which involve dense doughs, get a mixer that has a more powerful motor - i.e. watts. Often the 325 or 350 watt ones break down after lots of heavy usage making breads. If you can afford one 425 or over, that would be best if you are going to do a lot of heavy doughs. Also, treat it gently and keep it clean. Mine is 10 years old now and still works excellently, though I am very gentle with it and clean it after every use. I have made a lot of bread in mine over the years, but it's also 500+ watts. Just a little FYI! I tell this to everyone who is thinking of buying one!

Karen said...

Barb, I'm not a huge baker myself but I want to make bread and buns, as well as making my other baking easier. Thankfully, my coworkers are happy to eat up any baked goodies I bring in! And yes, what has happened to the blogosphere???

Allyson, just like knitting, I don't enjoy making things because I have to or I've committed myself to supplying something to someone. I bake (or knit) because I enjoy it and if other people get to enjoy the spoils, all the better!

As for the stand mixer, I won't be doing a ton of baking - maybe two or three things a month (at most). The one I was looking at was only 250 which does seem a bit low. I'd like to try for a 400-ish model, not sure if I can afford it or not but we'll see! Thanks for the advice.

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