Last week on the wheel

Sunday, February 01, 2015
Another Sunday, another pottery class. Last week, I managed to make a cup and a bowl. Neither of which were as impressive or well shaped as I remember them being. Oh well, a master potter I am not and I proved that in spades when I went to trim both of them at the start of today's class.  The cup? I took too much off the bottom and went right through it, leaving a hole big enough to stick my finger through. Thankfully, our instructor walked me through a fix which was a lot more work than its worth but nice to know that you don't have to just throw it away.
I think I'll finish the cup off with a white interior. Not really sure what to do on the outside. Colour suggestions?
The bowl? I almost did the same thing. Thankfully she came by at just the right moment and helped correct my mistake. I think I might paint the bowl a dirtiesh yellow and then dip the rim in brown glaze so that it drips down from the top ever so slightly. Today, with some help, I made another bowl. This time it was a bit bigger, a bit deeper and wider and a better shape (more bowl-like, if you know what I mean). I'd like to do the same colour scheme for that bowl as the little one above.  

The first small bowl I made in week two is very small but will make a nice candy dish for my desk or a key bowl for my room. I painted the interior light green and the exterior is supposed to be black. It will be finished with a clear glaze (fingers crossed!).

I weighed myself this morning. A month into the new year and I think I might be down a pound although I'm not really sure how accurate that is or, if its true, how I did it. I wasn't really being very careful about what I ate although I made a few smarter choices and I cut down on the number of times I ate out during the last two weeks. Cutting back on the pop is slow going but I'm trying. Its a struggle but one I'm willing to continue working on.

Please disregard the lack of care I take with my feet. In desperarte need of a pedicure and a massage. 


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