Tea Time

Sunday, February 22, 2015
This weekend, I was treated to the most delightful afternoon tea courtesy of my friend Robyn. It was a birthday treat (yes, my birthday was back in January...its a long story). It sounds unbelievable but I'd never tried Earl Grey tea before. I'm not a fan of black tea and normally stick to herbal but I really enjoyed it! 
Robyn pulled out all the stops and made homemade cookies! Also had my first jammie dodger! Who's spoiled? Me! On top of it all, she made a trip to Bon Ton Bakery and picked up the most scrummy lemon tarts
Today was pottery class! Due to the holiday last weekend, we didn't have a class. I found myself really missing not going to class. Its nice to have something like this class to look forward to each week.
As I mentioned in my previous post, we spent last week making pinch pots. We continued moulding shapes by hand this week, and we started making these adorable little boxes. I shaped two - 1 round and 1 square. Next week we'll be cutting out the lids and scooping out the insides. Fingers crossed I don't destroy them! Mom hinted strongly, without even seeing one of them, that one of these boxes would make a wonderful present for "someone". Hint hint hint...

In "techie" news, I finally joined Instagram. Not really sure why, other than everyone else (including all the cool kids) are doing it so.... there you go. 


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