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Wednesday, March 04, 2015
I meant to write an update post following my most recent pottery class but I was just so excited! By the time I made it home I had completely forgotten. Why the excitement? Four of my pieces were finished and I was able to bring them home!  WOOT!

First up, a candy dish. Its small but deep and can hold a plethora of sour gummy bears (one of my favourite candies!). The "paint" job isn't so hot. Turns out I didn't mix the stuff well enough before I applied it and ... voila. You can see all the brush strokes (inside and out) and through to the red clay underneath in some spots. However, I love it. Its a great shape and a great size. And looks fabulous on my desk at work.
Next up, my Charlie Brown mug.
I gifted this to my friend Michael. He's kind enough to offer me a ride to the office just about every day and since I'm super lazy, you know I happily accept. Plus, he's good company. You can't tell from the horribly lighted photo but the black interior has speckles of green that look super cool against the dark glaze. Likely due to some impurities in the glaze I'm guessing, or it wasn't completely mixed when I dipped it. Not sure what he'll use this for. Its a nice size for a mug although I'm not sure how it would handle hot coffee.
Piece number three is my lovely little dessert bowl. The colour is gorgeous! I was so happy when I saw it on the shelf. At first I didn't recognize it as my work since the colour when I originally "painted" it was a lot lighter. I cannot complain about one thing on this piece - I'm so pleased. This will be my go-to dessert/ice cream bowl, not that I eat a lot of either of those things but when I do, I'll be eating it out of this little beauty.
I can't show the third piece as it's destined for someone else as a present but they don't know it yet. I'll try to post a pic of the lucky recipient and their KL original work of art when its given.

Yesterday, I took the completed pieces into the office and showed them off to my coworkers. One of my bosses was very impressed and seeing them brought back memories of when she took a class years ago. She might end up taking a class herself when they start up again in a couple of weeks (mid-April).  Only three more classes left - and the next class is our last one for actually making anything. After that, the final two classes are for decorating, glazing and firing. I'll be sad when its all over!
Speaking of mugs... I destroyed my favourite Hudson's Bay Co. mug. It decided to end its short life and took a dive off the kitchen counter last week. Dammit. Perfect size, perfect shape. Argh. 
Nero seems to know that we're gearing up for a move and is trying to spend as much time enjoying his freedom on our balcony while he can. The weather hasn't been cooperating but the minute it gets anywhere near the freezing mark, he's out there soaking up any sunshine he can get. The place we'll eventually be moving too is a townhouse so no balcony. He doesn't like the outdoors on ground level either - he's a bully but he's also afraid of his own shadow. I hope he'll forgive me eventually.
And finally, this is what I'm currently reading. Its interesting. Not great but interesting. Considering its a book about comic book heroines there isn't a single picture of an actual comic book character in it. There are drawings of female superhero-types between each chapter that represent the stereotypical heroine in each of the decades the author discusses but there is no actual Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Storm, etc. I suppose these are heavily copyrighted and it would have been nearly impossible to get permission to use. Just saying... While I'm not a comic book collector and really haven't picked one up since being hooked on The Warlord back in the day (side note: I even had a fan letter published in one issue!).


Eugene K said...

You did really well with your first pottery course. I think it takes a good deal of practice to be in control of the clay and some experience to understand what the different glazes do. I like the paint job on the candy dish. I think the brush strokes give it some texture and liveliness. That's something I always try to do in my paintings - work on creating interesting and varies surface quality.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nice job on your pottery! The green bowl has such a lovely sheen.

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