Makeover Part 1

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Well, the makeover of the blog seems to be just about complete. Just a few minor tweaks to make as I get used to the new layout. The changes weren't major but I wanted something a little crisper, a little cleaner. There are a lot of blogs out there that have a similar look to what I wanted for the new incarnation of London's Fog but I refused to pay for someone to design it for me. And the prices a lot of places were charging just didn't seem worth it (I know there's a lot of hardwork that goes into template / website design; I just couldn't bring my
self to shell out the dough).
I searched and searched online for a free template I could use with no luck. There are a lot of crappy blog layouts out there. Finally, I stumbled across Georgia Lou Studios' page on Creative Market and fell in love with about two thirds of what was offered. And the prices for them were fairly reasonable so... I bit the bullet and went for it.

Working with designer Heather through her Etsy site, we altered one of their standard templates to be able to do what I wanted with it. It cost a bit more but well worth it I think. The design allowed for a lot of customization in terms of colour, font, location of various widgets etc. so I was able to personalize it. There will likely be a few minor alterations in the near future but I'm pleased with the almost final product.

Now, I start working on the me makeover.

Today, I spent a lot of money on me. I signed up to run/walk the 5K race as part of Edmonton Marathon Week this year. As many of you might remember, last year I ran/walked the 10K and then had a bit of a breakdown. On top of that, I completely lost my running mojo following the race and then had the weird health problems. Essentially, I have done almost no running/walking in eight months. There was no way I would be ready to do the 10K again and frankly the current course in Edmonton is horrible (at least for this portion of the race). So, baby steps - 5K it is. Whether I run or walk will be determined in the next 3 months.

Speaking of the next three months, I also signed up for the Running Room's "Learn to Run" clinic. Again. I think this makes time number four. I have yet to complete it for the following reasons: injury, lazy, insulted by instructor. My plan is that having to go to class (after forking over so much money) will encourage me to actually get off my butt and do it. Plus they have run club twice a week which will take care of most of my scheduled runs that I have to do - I may just have to do one on my own at home.

So, that's the plan for now. Any feedback you have on the new look for the blog or on my running/walking plans, please feel free to share!


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