Learning to like the Run - Week 2

Saturday, June 27, 2015
I could REALLY go for one of these right now.
This past week was Week 2 of my Learn to Run clinic. After a not so great run on my own during Week 1 (we do 3 runs/week), I seriously considered chucking it all in. The run didn't go so great for a number of reasons but my mood following our first clinic probably didn't help. The in-clinic run went well but as you could likely tell from my previous post, I had some hesitations about whether I would succeed, enjoy the clinic any more, or run as a group again.

ARRGH. Blogger just deleted 3 paragraphs... here I go again.

Fortunately, I have a fabulous friend in Robyn and she read my whiney texts last weekend patiently before finally telling me quitting is for losers and, in true Nike fashion, just do it. The love will come back. So...I did. And she was right.

When I arrived late to the store, I was surprised to see there were a number of other people who hadn't arrived yet either. As we waited a few more minutes, it became obvious that they weren't coming. We went from a group of 12 down to a group of 8 after the first week. We're actually at nine though with the addition of someone who signed up this week. Makes you wonder how many we'll end up with by the end of the clinic in late August. Given the heat, we'll be lucky if most of us don't drop from exhaustion/stroke in the middle of a run but that's another story!

I filled out my nametag in typical sassy Karen fashion:  Super Awesome. I think I've pretty much set the tone for what the rest of the group can expect from me, attitude-wise, for the remaining 8 weeks. I figure I'll come up with something different each week just to keep things fresh. We were making the move to run 1/walk 1s and it was warm out. However, I felt great. I had a fabulous run! What surprised me even more though was that I spent our time out on our run chatting with one of the other ladies. I do not like to make small talk with strangers. I detest it. And I discovered last year that I don't enjoy walking/running/talking with other people - I prefer my silence, time to reflect, or just let my brain go on a walkabout. However, the time flew by as my new buddy and I ran along Saskatchewan Drive together. What the hell?
Random flower photo - Casa Loma, Toronto October 2014
For my second run of the week, I had convinced Robyn to come along to Run Club on Wednesday night. How? I have no idea but something I said to her worked! And, she brought along The Captain, her fabulous rescue dog. Something was lost in translation from human to dog because The Captain didn't seem to realize we had a schedule to stick to and he kept taking detours to mark his territory and visit with passing runners. As a result, Robyn and I didn't get to spend the whole time running "together" but I'm still very thankful she came out - it certainly got me off the couch and out the door again. The run seemed easier this time around and for the first time in a very long time, I actually could see myself doing well at this running thing.

One more run scheduled for tomorrow morning, bright and early. Thank goodness its first thing in the morning. We're expecting 33C temperatures tomorrow here in #yeg and that's just gross. How will I ever make it through the clinic on Monday night without dying?!

Also, the new Mizunos have worked out fabulously! Despite my attachment to my old beloved blue Enigma 3s, I have fallen in love with my (shudder) purple WaveRider 18s. If only they were a different colour. 


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