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Sunday, June 14, 2015
Monday marks the start of my new "Learn to Run" clinic at the Running Room. I'm excited ... a bit. Not as much as you'd think I would be considering how excited I am to start runnng again. You see, the closer the clinic gets, the more I start thinking back over the last couple of years when I was doing it on my own. I was having fun and making progress. Part of me keeps thinking "I don't need to take the clinic" and more so "I don't want to take the clinic". Typical Karen. Anyways, I'm going to the class on Monday if for no other reason than I need to pick up my tshirt. 

In preparation for getting back into running, I made a few treks to the store for gear.  I picked a pair of super comfy shorts for running - my capris are losing their grip and I'm tired of hiking them back up every block or two. Also, my shoes are in desparate need of replacement. I'm still using the Mizuno Enigmas (love) that I ran last year's 10K in and I had had them for about a year and half at that point. Unfortunately, they no longer make the Enigmas so I'd need to find a brand new shoe. After trying on about 8 or 9 pairs, I settled on the Mizuno Wave Rider 18s
So far, they're pretty comfortable. I've been wearing them around the house to get my feet used to them and get some of the "new shoe" stiffness out of them. The most noticable differences between these and my previous Mizunos? You mean other than the colour?! (Yes, I bought purple shoes...). There is a higher arch but that could be because my other shoes are so old. It will be interesting taking them out for their first run to see how that affects my knees and hips. Also, the straight base to the laces. I'm not sure what its called but that part where you start lacing up your shoes, near the toes. On my old shoes, they were on an angle which helped a LOT when it comes to my arthritic toes/knuckles. These are straight across which meant I had to skip the lowest pair of holes and start lacing higher up on my foot. Shouldn't be a problem but it was one of the things I LOVED about my Enigmas.

In other happy running news, Robyn got some fantastic amazing spectacular news that I won't spoil for her by sharing with you. If and when she's good and ready, she'll tell you so keep your eyes on her blog! Also, the Mitch-ster and his wife were in town for for a visit and I had the pleasure of meeting him the other day at my local Running Room store. Mitch, a fellow runner (duh), is involved with Do Away with SMA, a charity supporting supporting research, programs and projects that will aid in finding a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.


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