Time for a Leap of Faith?

Friday, June 05, 2015
I'm conflicted. 

I have the opportunity to apply for a new job (temporary) which is yet another big step up from my current position and a HUGE jump in pay. There's no guarantee I'd get it but I have an "in" with the people I'd be working for. You see, I'm currently the executive secretary in my office and the opportunity is for the executive assistant position (manager). This would be less admin type work and more...I don't know..."big picture", managing our office type stuff. There is no doubt that I'm smart enough to do the type of work that would be asked of me but every other EA I know in our department has a lot (and I mean a LOT) of subject matter knowledge that I just don't feel I have.

TBH, I'm a little scared.
Punchbowl Falls, Jasper National Park, June 2013
It seems that everyone around me has faith in me for this position...except me.

Over the past couple of weeks, basically from the day our previous EA left to move to another province on a whim (WTF!), I've been asked if I'm applying for her job and, if not, why aren't I. My darling friend Helen believes strongly in me. Heck, she just did the exact same thing (move from an admin to a partial management job) and she seems to be doing very well. Go girl! My buddy, and staunch supporter, "Lily", thinks I'm a bit off my rocker to not apply for it and proceeded to shower me with praise over lunch the other day. Someone from my boss' boss' office (the boss of my boss?) reamed me out yesterday when I told her I wasn't applying. In her words, I'd be "stupid not to". And finally, I joked with one of my bosses shortly afterwards about how I'm getting "hounded" to apply and she then proceeded to do the same thing. She made it clear that I didn't have to take it if I was offered it, and neither boss would be offended if I turned it down (if I was offered it). Finally, feeling a bit ganged up on (in a good, supporting way), I said I'd consider it.

I know we shouldn't compare ourselves to others but thinking about this job, its all I can do. I don't see myself at the same level of knowledge of EAs I've worked with in the past. I'm confused. Do I or don't I? What if I apply and I get the job and then I fail miserably? I've never failed (Ok, once, at a sales call centre) before and it terrifies me. What if I don't apply and I regret it for years, realizing I missed my big chance at an introductory EA position in a small office?

And then there's the question of money. Don't get me wrong - the extra money would be fantastic! No joke, the starting, absolute low end of the wage scale is currently close to $10K more / year than what I currently make. And that's the minimum. Oh so tempting. Even for just a year, if that's all it lasts, do you know what that extra cash would mean? I could pay off my credit card, or take a trip or buy a used car, or put it towards retirement like a good girl!

The closing date isn't until the middle of June so I have some time to review the ad/job description and consult some folks in the know who can help guide me a bit. I've given myself the weekend to look things over before making any decisions. There are at least two people in our department that I know are likely to apply and they're both very qualified. It could be some serious stiff competition even if I do apply. Who knows? Stay tuned....


Barbara Bruederlin said...

I have a feeling that you would regret it eventually if you don't apply. Sounds like everybody at work has confidence in you.

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