Looking Ahead - Week 3 Learn To Run

Sunday, July 05, 2015
Today marked the end of week 3 - R2/W1s. The week has not gone as easily as I'd hoped but I stuck with it and was still smiling when it was all said and done.
See? Post-run smile! TBH, I was daydreaming of a cool shower, a nap, and my air conditioner.

Monday we started off with a lecture from the fabulous (and quirky) Andie about clothing. A couple of us were there early so she took some time to chat with us about our concerns and big questions. Naturally, I brought up the issue of plus-sized clothing. Unfortunately, its not likely to happen anytime soon, all for reasons I completely understand from a manufacturing/sales point of view but it is still discouraging for beginner babes who are bigger and busty when they go looking for clothes that fit and feel comfy and they can't find them. Anyways, it was a good lecture and, while I had heard most of it before in previous clinic attempts (and from other runner friends), everyone in the clinic seemed to really find it useful. However, none of us can really imagine running in -40C just yet.

We took a new route through the university area this week to shake things up. Its a nice run with a fair bit of shade but no wind so when you get out there in the sunny spots, its HOT. After the first set, I was ready to pack it in. Holy cow, my lungs and heart were ready to explode. WTF? Regardless, I pressed on and it got a bit easier. We all finished despite all of us not sure we'd make it back to the store. My left foot, SURPRISE!, began tightening up about halfway through and it seemed like all of the lower leg troubles I had last year were starting to rear their ugly head again. I thought maybe it was a one off but continued on the other two runs this week so something needs to be done. The week finished off with group runs on Wednesday and Sunday morning on the same route. Thankfully this morning was windy and cool. Because of the change in weather, I had worn yoga capris which kept falling down everytime I ran. I was a source of amusement for the others in our group.
Someone's missing his hoomin.
Our clinic is slowly dwindling in numbers. We began with 12 people registered, with 11 showing up the first day. By the second week, we were down to 8 and gained one new member so - 9. The average number of folks who show up to the free group runs twice a week? Three, including me, plus the husband of one of the clinic members. Not even half. I have to admit, I’m a bit shocked. While one of the ladies is out with an injury, why wouldn’t you take advantage of the opportunity to run with the group; having someone tell you when to run, when to walk, when to head back and choosing your path means all you have to do is show up and run. 

Now, I know that many people don’t like to run with other people. Up until this clinic, I was that person too. However, something changed in me this time around. I still like walking by myself and not talking but during the clinic and group runs, I’m enjoying having the company even if none of them run at my same slow turtle pace. And the 6pm start on Wednesday can be difficult. Oh well. The small group size for the two weekly runs is a positive for me, and I’m sure the other two regulars would probably agree. It allows us more time with our instructor, Miles, and has helped build a nice comradery between three of us which would be more difficult if the group was bigger.

Week 4 begins tomorrow with us making the leap to R3/W1s – 5 sets. Only one more minute of running but when you’re doing that in fewer, longer sets, you’re going to feel it. We’ll also be discussing bio-mechanics which should be interesting. Hard to believe that after tomorrow’s clinic, there are only 6 weeks left. It’s gone by incredibly fast. That means we’re also that much closer to race day. Talking with my other two regulars this morning, it was great hearing them become excited at the prospect of racing – neither have done so before. I had chatted briefly with Miles about it on Wednesday and will be raising the subject again during Monday’s class. It would be nice to have the group do it together (although we won’t run together) and maybe celebrate together afterwards.

Here’s hoping I can make it through 3/1s without dying! And I’ve booked an appointment with Marcel Magichands, my physiotherapist, for Tuesday to work on my feet. I’ve also started doing the stretches I can remember from the previous time this happened.  Looking forward to loosening up those lower legs/feet!


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