The Good, The Bad, and The Very Ugly

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
This weekend was a bittersweet one for me. I completed the Edmonton Marathon’s 5K race, walking it with Mommikins and we finished it standing tall and smiling (and having passed a couple or 6 people along the way). It was also great to see three of my clinic buddies (the only three to finish the clinic in the end) show up and run the 5K course. It was the first time racing for all three and they all did amazingly well – they all had times under 40 minutes which was great! And it was so uplifting to see their smiling cheering faces as Mom and I crossed the finish line. Hugs all around! However, it was a reminder that I wasn’t able to run as I had originally planned and that any plans for running have to be put on hold.
 A big low moment for me was seeing the pictures that all of us took of the team together both before and after the race. It’s very apparent that I have gained weight, even since I stopped running, and it all seems to have gathered in my middle and my neck. The middle I’m used to but the huge neck that stared back at me from every picture I was in? Depressing. I don’t see it in the mirror or in pictures I take of myself but I certainly see it in pictures other people take of me. It was extremely upsetting.

Shortly after leaving the running clinic, I joined a gym. I figured if I couldn’t walk/run, I had to do something and I have rarely ridden my bike since moving. I’ve only been a few times so far but part of me regrets not joining the Y downtown. From the sounds of it, Mom (who joined the Y) gets unlimited trainer sessions, or at least more than the two measly sessions my gym offers. And one of those two is the intake where they weigh/measure you and you really don’t do any exercises. The couple of times I’ve talked to my trainer she’s told me how most of her ladies train with her 2-3 times / week. Some of us don’t have that kind of money. I have a feeling I’ll be figuring out a workout plan on my own. Plus, if I want to go right after work, it takes 45 minutes by bus and at this time of year it’s hot, stuffy and sweaty. Sigh. I’m going to go to yoga tonight after work and see what their class is like. I need to get more bendy.

Yes, I’m fully aware that is a horribly constructed sentence.

I’m also cutting way back on the soda. Since moving, and having access to a grocery store that offers cheap cases of my dark bubbly elixir, I have been going a bit crazy. Combine that with heavy snacking at work (almost always with a Coke nearby) and it’s no wonder the pounds have been piling on. Portion control, eating healthier and an overall better awareness of what I’m doing to myself is vital moving forward. Speaking of moving – I must do more of that (hence the gym).

Sigh. How many times have I said all of this before?


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