A Year in Review and Looking Forward

Tuesday, December 22, 2015
Well, here we are, at the ass-end of 2015. Following the lead of countless others, I thought I would do a "year in review" post, not that there will be a lot to cover but I'm a follower so ... Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

January started off as usual - I'm unhappy with my weight, have big plans for the year, blah blah blah. Not much changes. However, one bright spot was the start of a 10 week pottery class. I treated myself to the course as a Christmas present and ended up loving it. While I didn't turn into a master craftsperson overnight, and many of pieces were questionable in terms of what they were supposed to be, it was fun. It also got me out of the house and interacting with other humans (shock! horror! gasp!). My chest problems continued and changed and continued to change - a common theme throughout the past year. No definitive diagnosis and no solution. The quest continues. Speaking of quests, Mom took me to see the Indiana Jones exhibit at the Telus World of Science for my birthday. As a child of the 70s and 80s, this was a must see for me and didn't disappoint. 

February through May was fairly quiet. I finally bought myself a stand mixer and then proceeded to bend one of the attachments the first time I used it. Robyn continued to prove she's a fabulous friend by inviting me over to her home and serving tea. Grandma's china and handmade jammie dodgers - that girl rocks. I made over the look of my blog. I joined Instagram. Mom and I moved out of our apartment with the great view to a townhouse on the outskirts of downtown.

In June, I applied for another position in my current office but didn't get the job. One of my two bosses thought this was the wrong decision and my other boss...I think somedays they regret it too. However, life is like that and so we move on. June also marked the start of a new "Learn to Run" clinic through the Running Room. Unlike previous attempts, I had an instructor who didn't make me feel completely worthless for my slower than snot speed and back of the pack position week after week. To top it off, the group who joined this particular clinic were fabulous and I was once again enjoying running.

By July, I was experiencing tightness and pain in both my calves and bottoms of my feet. Nothing seemed to help, even returning to the physiotherapist. I made it through the halfway point of my clinic before I could no longer run with the group. In August, Mom and I walked the 5K portion of the Edmonton Marathon and I ran up the chute to finish my race and into the arms of my running group. I love those folks.

And that was it. My last post was August 25. To say I've been neglectful is an understatement. It wasn't that the remaining months of 2015 were bad and I didn't want to share with the few of you who still visit. I just reverted back to my usuall laziness. Nothing to say of any consequence so why bother? Plus I still hate my Dell laptop that can't hold a f*cking wifi signal for longer than 30 second and to use my desktop computer is not inspiring. However, I'm hoping to turn that around for 2016. 

No, I won't be replacing the laptop but I will be making a more concerted effort to blog a bit more often in 2016. I wrote a whopping 28 blog posts in 2015. That's not even one per week. I miss the act of writing these posts, even when I don't have anything important to say. Words are amazing and I hope to share more of them again in the future. In the spirit of starting fresh, I'm also going to be purging my Twitter and Instagram feeds. I don't really pay attention to most of the stuff that shows up on my feeds; friends, family, news - those are the important things. Most of the rest of it is garbage and noise so I'll be simplifying that part of my social network life.

Speaking of words, one success I had in 2015 was my Good Reads reading challenge. I amped it up (at least for me) this year, and aimed to read 30 books. With a week and a half left to go this year, I've already made it to 31. And I will likely finish off the two books I'm currently reading before the year is up! I embraced reading this year more than I have in the recent past and thanks to the upcoming holidays, I have rediscovered the joy of paper books and Hrothgar, my glorious eReader, is taking a much needed break. And since I managed to surpass my original goal for 2015, next year I'm amping it up to 35. 

So there you go, no big promises or "resolutions" for the new year. Just letting you know whazzup.


Eugene K said...

As a long-time reader of London's Fog, I hope you do find a regular blogging rhythm in 2016! It seems that many of my blogging friends blog less these days and post more in facebook and instagram. I think both those are fine, but I really enjoy the personal character of blogs a lot more.

I think you did pretty well at your potter class - those are skills that are developed through experience with the materials, and it seemed to me you learned a lot really quickly.

I want to wish you a super-fantastic Christmas, and a happy and healthy 2016. Thank you for the Christmas card, by the way. I have to confess that this year, I failed to get it together to send cards out - which I regret, since I enjoy that tradition.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I hope you restart your interest in blogging. You write so well and, from a strictly personal point of view, the blogosphere is getting too sparse.

I had forgotten about your pottery creations! You should do more of those!

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